Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Wet, wild and wonderful

"I picked the wrong summer to train for a marathon," I told someone on the phone yesterday.

It's been hot. It's been humid. It's been all around gut-wrenching. The one thing it hasn't been is wet  -- unless you count my back, which I often describe as a slip-n-slide.

Until today.

Isolated thunderstorms were predicted throughout the night into this morning, and Mark and I woke up to a ferocious lightning show. My lovely husband rolled over and said, "I guess you'll be hitting the treadmill this morning."

I almost clocked him.

1. So, yeah, I ran on the treadmill. Six effing miles that were supposed to be easy but since running on the treadmill for me is about as easy as making Indian food, it was work. I have yet to get my iTunes collection from my old hard drive so I found myself listening to old podcasts from Another Mother Runner. Sweet grilled cheesus, they helped. They kept me engaged and entertained and while unable to make me run faster than a 10-minute mile, I did get in a groove.

2. I tweeted about this morning's saving grace, and I got a reply from Dimity. I always feel super cool when like uber cool, like for real famous (to me) people, reply to tweets. I think it's why I love Nike so much. Their social media team is kick ass, and the folks behind @NikeRunning always respond to tweets and even remember that your training for stuff.

3. You love my skirt that I wore in yesterday's post. And why wouldn't you? It's pretty dern cute. I got it Old Navy - same for the top. I love that it has just a hint of orange and fuchsia in it, making it easy and fun to style. I wear it to work with the orange shirt and on the weekends with a fuchsia tank. The skirt comes in two other colors, which aren't as cute, and it's on sale (online at least) for 15 smackaroos.


  1. And why wouldn't uber cool people tweet you - you're uber cool and have been in a mag and on the Today show . . . really? yeah - you're one of those "cool people" girlio!

  2. Hold the phones! You can get most, if not all, of your collection without digging it up from your old hard drive!!! I just did this! Get on itunes on your new computer and go in to the store and you should be able to pull up "previously purchased" history and you can download them from the cloud!!! I got back 235 songs of the collection I lost!!! PM me if you need better instructions! Good luck!!!

    As for the heat, ugh, I survived many summers in Florida and this year's in Michigan has been worse than any of them. I've almost passed out on 4 runs so far this summer. No bueno!

  3. I heard today that my area is in a drought, nearly 9 inches below normal already. Ugg. We need the rain!