Friday, July 13, 2012

Food Friday: Let them have cake

I had grand plans for Miles’ first birthday. Grand, Pinterest-inspired, Etsy-fueled plans.

I was going to throw Miles’ First Rodeo. We were going to have bales of hay and bring down his wooden rocking horse. We were going to have baked beans, chili and corn bread. There would be Texas sheet cake. Bandanas would take the place of napkins and red-and-white checked cloths would line the tables.

It was going to be fabulous. Up until the point when I had to do all the work. The more intricate my plans got, the longer the to-do list got, the budget ballooned and the cleanup became daunting.

As I talked to a friend while cleaning up a June cookout, I realized that I didn’t want to go through it all again. I needed to keep Miles’ party simple – just cake and ice cream.

Well, a Pinterest-inspired cake and ice cream party.


I did a sundae bar with assorted toppings – homemade chocolate sauce, homemade strawberry sauce, coconut, pecans, crushed Oreos, pieces of Reese cups, cherries and whipped cream. I picked up mix-and-match dessert dishes at Goodwill during a 50 percent sale instead of getting plastic bowls. Let’s pretend that it was me being green and not being cheap.


I also dipped cones in chocolate and sprinkles, and I had a station for floats – diet and regular varieties of orange soda and root beer, straws and the requisite Mason jars.


Of course, there was cake, too. Cupcakes, cupcake cones and a smash cake for Miles. I did take it very easy on myself – I used a box mix and just made the icing.


Miles had no idea it was his birthday, naturally, and enjoyed playing with cups and eating far more sugar than I would have imagined.


It’s hard to believe that little guy is one already but he is. It was such a joy to celebrate his first year (and our survival.

That and to watch him eat the cake.


  1. Happy Birthday Miles!

  2. I agree - simple is better! And your party looks awesome! I LOVE the way he manhandled the cake!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday Miles!!! And congrats Kim on making it through the first year!

  4. Happy Birthday Miles! And I LOVE all looked wonderful!! =)

  5. Happy Birthday Miles!

    The ice cream bar looks delicious! Well done mama.

  6. Happy Birthday Miles! Way to go on showing the cake who's boss ;)

  7. Happy happy birthday Miles! I LOVE how much he dug into his cake :)

  8. Happy Birthday Miles!! He is just too cute and I love LOVE LOVE what you did for his party :)

  9. Even better than a rodeo! You made the smart choice!!!! Such a perfect party. Love the float station and that you had cone cakes - perfect. Look how beautiful you look in your white skirt and teal tank - just lovely!
    Happy birthday, Miles!

  10. great ideas and a well done party! happy first bday miles!!