Saturday, July 7, 2012

Down and dirty

I didn't have high hopes.

We got a late start. Indiana soil is practically all clay. I have never planted from seed. And then there's the weather - hot, dry and stupid.

However, I am happy to say that things in Garden du Moi are looking good. Quite good, if you ask me.

My zucchini plant - well, one of them - is enormous and I see little buds ready to open.

My yellow squash plant is getting there. The leaves seemed to grow exponentially after last weekend's crazy storm. Their next-door neighbors, some cucumber plants, are doing alright though not as impressive in size.

And my tomatoes? Well, I couldn't be happier.

I have a couple plants with young fruit and a couple more with flowers.

I have a few varieties, though I'm not sure which as a co-worker gave me a mixed "bag" of plants that she had started from seed.

While I had luck with my tomatoes for the first part of last summer, I am doing things a bit differently this year. I finally "invested" in cages (77 cents at Menards this week!) and I'm only watering every other day or every three days, opting for a good soak when I do.

I also planted (not that bush - it was just pretty) some small-sized carrots and bibb lettuce. I see some carrot tops poking through and there's baby lettuce leaves. However, with everything going on, I have to say that the lettuce is the most intimidating. I am not sure when to harvest it and whether it will grow back when I do.

How does your garden grow? Any tips on the lettuce?


  1. It is always great to see your garden come to life! Soon you will have some fresh veggies to have for lunch and dinner :)

  2. Yay for your green thumb! Our garden is DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!!!!! DEADER Than DEAD!!!! Sigh!

  3. Yes cut lettuce leaves off and more will grow in their place ...ours have been bitter tasting so didn't give it a go again this year

  4. My lettuce was growing great up until the puppy mowed it all down and now it won't grow back lol!

    Your garden looks lovely!!!