Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Summer lovin'

Oh, summer. How I love thee. 

Let me count the ways.

1. My teacher husband is home. Having Mark free in the morning means I can do things like run by myself. I was going to try to sneak away but Mr. Miles woke up and then so did the dog and Mark. But I was determined. I put on my shorts, laced up my Nikes and declared I was leaving. I went just over 4 miles through the business area between my house and downtown, and it was so fantastic - the change of scenery. Plus, I think it's super fun to look at myself run in store windows. Call me a narcissist or call me a run curious about her form - I don't care.

2. My getting ready becomes a priority. I came home from my run, made breakfast and then went up to shower - all without turning on Elmo. I was feeling so liberated that I actually drew a bath and read about Peter Sagal's Philadelphia Marathon experience in the latest edition of Runner's World.

Ladies, please take note: My husband is awesome. While he was baby wrangling, he managed to make a pot of coffee and delivered a fresh cup to me while I was taking said bath.

3. Lunch dates and errand running. Mark is a busy body; he can't just sit around all day and play video games. Today, he'll take the dog to the groomer, get his own hair cut and return Miles' first pair of shoes (because we can't seem to get his dang foot in them).

Why, oh why, does Miles need shoes? Well, he learned a new trick this weekend.

I am not sure what kind of Mom Karma I racked up to get his first steps on video but dang it if I did.

Look out, summer, Miles is coming for you!


  1. GET OUT OF TOWN!!!! OMG YAY MILES!!!!! REALLY REALLY strong and cute and amazing and wow - he did GREAT!!!!!! WOW!!!! So yeah, Auntie Lisa misses him already. Another date?

  2. Wow! He's so stable!! I'm super impressed!

    And I totally love running past store windows, too. Must be a Kim thing.

  3. You are kinda making me jealous a little bit. I would love morning help. Instead I let E fuss herself back to sleep as I turned off the baby monitor and went back to bed. No time for the straight iron today :(

  4. Your little boy is growing up so fast!!! Love that you were able to capture it!

  5. I can't even believe how good he is at that right out of the gate! So awesome! And scary!

    Your husband sounds an awfully lot like mine. Don't ask him to do much in the middle of the night, but he more than makes up for it during the day. YAY for having coffee deliverred. It's the little things ;)

    I can't remember when Miles' birthday is. Is he 1 yet? My brain isn't working...but I have it in my head that he isn't 1 yet. Please ignore me if I'm way off base...

    1. Nope. Not 1 yet. He just turned 11 months.

  6. Miles is SO precious :) And I love that you admit watching yourself run in store windows. I would do the exact same thing. I might have to track down a route in Tulsa that allows that.

  7. So AWESOME!!

    Thanks for sharing such a special milestone with us. I was so excited to get the first time Phillip rolled over on video, I can't imagine when he starts walking!

  8. I didn't tell Bailey what Miles was going to do in this video and she was so cute. She got so excited for him. Go Miles!

  9. Go Miles!!! That's so awesome that your hubs brought you coffee in the tub...a definite keeper. Reading a book in the tub with a glass of wine is my bliss but coffee in the am is a close 2nd.

  10. Way to go Miles!