Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moves like Jagger

Mistake No. 1: I didn't pay enough attention in gym class.

Mistake No. 2: I didn't wear any socks.

Mistake No. 3: I assumed that showing up for a Piloxing class meant that I would be taking a Piloxing class.

Piloxing is a high energy class that fuses boxing, Pilates and dance moves "into a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape, using a class format that's both fun and challenging."

The class would be my third time attending; the first I did "on assignment" for work and the second last week with L. We both loved it so much - the energy, the workout and the fantastic instructor - that we couldn't wait to take it again.

When we showed up last night, though, we discovered that we were, in fact, going to have to wait to take it again. The normal instructor, Jill, was not there and Abel was going to sub. As Piloxing is similar to Body Pump and Zumba in that the instructor needs to be certified from the national group to teach, we were going to be taking a cardio kickboxing class.

Emphasis on cardio.

We started out with laps around the studio. Fine. Just fine. Well, except that I was barefoot. Piloxing is done barefoot to promote leg strength and I wore an old pair sneakers - no socks - for the sole purpose of driving/walking into the building. I had no intention of wearing them to work out when I put them on and had no choice but to ignore the advice that I'd want shoes for this workout.

From the laps we went to agility work and upper body strength using a ladder.

Let me tell you, round after round of push-ups, moving my arm in and out of those boxes, was no joke.

Sort of like the rest of the workout.

We did high intensity kickboxing moves, more jogging, footwork, jumping jacks and more agility training. We did more kickboxing, abs, more push-ups.

I attend classes like this for a good workout and that's exactly what I got (in addition to a blister). However, I can't help but laugh at the experience. From the woman who made me look like I had good rhythm to the confused looks on the women's faces to the music ... it was like we showed up for a Justin Beiber concert only to realize it was The Rolling Stones (except a little less cool of a band).

I bought a 5 class pass ($15 - average cost per class, $3!) so I know I'll be back. I just hope it's Justin Beiber and not Mick Jagger.

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  1. Well said - I had NO idea how to write a post about what it was we actually did last night. I will say that nearly every muscle in my body is sore!!! SORE!!! I have photos - I'll email them and you can use them to savor the whole experience . . just sad I don't have a photo of the front row! Great job last night -

  2. That looks like a tough class with shoes on, I can't imagine what it would be like with no shoes! Nice job! Looks like fun though, I can't wait to get back into some hardcore workout sweat sessions.

  3. Just wanted to say a big thank you -- my pkg arrived yesterday and it was FULL of awesome stuff! Thank you so much -- all the running aids will be well used and I am excited to try them. And the Biscoff spread? Already had a Biscoff spread and Nutella sandwich -- which = awesome! You are so generous and I totally appreciate it! Thank you so much!!

  4. Sounds like lots of fun. Ouch! I hate blisters. I got two of them from wearing some new shoes to dance salsa last weekend. They may have been hot shoes but now my feet look like a hot mess...LOL!

  5. Who is your happy side kick? I love seeing her in your pics, she has a great smile!

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