Friday, March 2, 2012

An ode to my BFF

It's been too long.

Two long actually.

Two years since I've seen my friend in person.

She's the one who's success with Weight Watchers inspired my own journey.

We have seen each other graduate from college, experience (and live through) first jobs, make big moves, find love.

We have seen each other get married. (And yes, I accidentally "borrowed" her wedding colors.)

She stood by me and held my hand when I said goodbye to my mom.

We've been with each other through pregnancies and motherhood.

Through it all, though, we've never lived in the same city (except for our senior year of college). Yet, I could not be closer to this amazing woman. A woman who never fails to inspire me, never fails to be there for me. I am blessed to call her my friend.

Today, I get to see her, her skinny self. And she will see me in my skinny splendor. Two longtime friends who will, in a way, be meeting each other for the first time. Sort of amazing, right?!

To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Not just because I will get to hug her and sleep with her (yes, it's one bed for us though not by choice). I am excited to celebrate who we are and who we've become and all because of each other.

I cannot wait to toe the starting line of Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans and run 7.5 miles for her ... and because of her.


  1. That's awesome! My best friends all live out of town, too. I get to see them, but it's hard being apart! Have fun!!!

  2. Incredible! Have fun and enjoy every second!!!!!!!

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  4. It's amazing to have such a great friend! Makes me think of my friend from the 2nd grade. We haven't lived in the same city since we were 9, yet we remain friends to this day. She was even in town the day Ella was born! We may not see eachother every year or even every two, but when we're together it's like no time has passed.

    You're going to have a great time in New Orleans.

  5. That was beautiful, you two are really blessed :)

    Have lots and LOTS of fun out there!

  6. Aww, this post made me feel all tingly. My best friend now lives in Colorado, and it also has been almost two years since I've seen her. While we are on totally different wavelengths in terms of health & fitness, we are the same in every other aspect. Reading this made me miss her so much!

    Good luck at your race this weekend! Kick some ASSphalt. (Whoa, cheesy pun!)

  7. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your BFF!! This is such a sweet post.

  8. Dear, I just got around to reading this and you kinda made me cry. You are awesome and keep me going, even though I might have got you going in the first place. xoxo