Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I loved fake winter. I loved running on clear sidewalks and in capris. I loved that it was rarely too cold out in the morning to push Miles in the BOB. I loved not having to shovel snow.

But going from fake winter to summer ... well, it's a bit insane.

I'm not complaining. I'm not. Really. However, these higher temperatures do take some getting used to and are forcing me to do things I don't like to do.

1) Thank God for the higher waist on my athletic Running Skirt because it allows me (for lack of a better phrase) tuck in my belly and run sans shirt.

2) Rethink workouts.

I had 5x800 on tap this week for my speed session, and I thought it would be a great idea to do it tonight as I could do it without my entourage. However, when I realized I would be trying to leave my legs on the track in 85-degree heat, I thought that I might not have to do speed this week since I have a 20K on Saturday. I could do a couple easy miles this morning, I thought, and invite Jillian or Bob to my "Mommy Needs Alone Time" night.

Great idea. Right? Right!

I set out for a couple miles and quickly decided that if I was going out for 2 that I might as well do 3. When I hit the half-mile mark, I thought that if I was going to go for a short run that I might as well do it fast. When I hit the park, I thought that Miles and Denali seemed pretty content, so why not just go around and make it 4.

When I get all crazy like that, insane things happen.

1) My first sub-9 run since last month's 5K and only my second post-baby.

2) A MOTOACTV speed record. When I ended my workout, my cute little device told me that I ran a mile in 8:03. EIGHT-OH-THREE. With the stroller. I'm not entirely sure when I did it because the MOTOACTV will allow users to set records between laps (ex: I could have ran an 8:03 between miles .76 and 1.76 but my laps could be entirely different) but even still, my splits were mighty fine: 9:09, 8:44, 8:52, 7:22 (8:40 pace).

I guess I got in my speed session, after all.

Side note: I've gotten a couple questions about my MOTOACTV, especially since I said I'm not going back to the Garmin Forerunner. I'm going to do a follow-up about the device, talking about some things I've learned and other features I didn't get to talk about. If you have a question, ask it in the comments below and I'll include it in the post.


  1. I AM complaining. I own it. I want 45 degrees back, in a big bad way. Heat and I are NOT BFFs.

  2. This heat is KILLING ME! I unfortunately can't run sans shirt and have been running mid day to try to get ready for the race this weekend. I would love a little cool-down for Saturday!

  3. i'm not complaining either but it really is tough getting used to this heat. Seriously. It's crazy that we went from 30 degrees one week to 85 the very next week. Yikes. Our bodies are clearly in shock from it. Nice job on the sub-9 miles!

  4. Seems like the heat didn't actually bother you at all!! Nice run!

  5. I hate reading everyone's posts about the great weather because ours has been TERRIBLE!! I just saw the motoactv for the first time, do you love it? It looks awesome. How is the battery life?

  6. Did I read that right? A Sub 9 with the boys? WOW - that's fantastic!!! Great job girl!