Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's catch up: Running

Road ID saved my life this weekend. Just not in a way I ever expected.

It seems that little piece of rubber makes an excellent chew toy for a teething 6-month-old. It's small enough that he can grab a hold of it but too big to choke on. It's colorful and squeaks when played with. And, technically, it's not a toy, which makes it all the more fun to enjoy.

And, thank God, too, because this gal was on her own this weekend. Mark was off enjoying the NFL experience in Indianapolis (read: drinking and sleeping in) while Miles, Denali and I held down the fort. It might have been a bit hectic and there might have been a tad too much co-sleeping but we managed. Heck, we even got in a few miles.

Last week, in running:

Tuesday. I went for a short run (2.48 miles) with the stroller to enjoy the unseasonable temperatures.

Wednesday. 30-minute tempo run. This was my first tempo run since fall 2010, and I was a bit scared. McMillan running calculator said I should do the 20-minutes at tempo (5 min w/u and 5 min c/d) between a 9:23 and 9:43 pace. Let's just say I nailed it. My pace for the entire run was 9:12 and I hit my first sub-9 miles since having the baby.  Oh, and I ran it in shorts. On Feb. 1.

Friday: 4.07-mile run with the stroller. Just a steady pace, get it done run.

Sunday: 6-mile run with the stroller. My "long" run of the week but it was a cut back week. Thank goodness I didn't have 10 on the schedule because 6 miles, with hills, is about all I can handle while pushing the stroller.

Total mileage: 16.43

Thoughts: I'm really excited for last week. I got in four runs because I wanted to - not because I had to - and hit all mileage goals on my Martian half-marathon schedule. I really want to get up to 20 miles a week but it takes time. And time I have.

How is your running shaping up?


  1. Nice job on the tempo run! That's an awesome pace :)

  2. Yeay! Great job this week. I had a great week of running too; a tempo run, interval and long runs.

  3. First - how red is Miles' hair getting? Man he's a cutie pootie - he called me the other day and asked if he could join us on our next girl date - I told him "yes" - how can auntie Lisa say no to that cuteness?!?! Ha! Oh and yeah, he can make cell phone calls just fine ;) ha!

    Second, AWESOME job getting in the runs! It was exceptional weather - so glad you got them in, nailed your goals for each run, and had some fun along the way.

    Third, my personal running is in the toilet - it's non-existing. All the beautiful weather = 0 miles for me (SIGH!).

  4. I ran 40 minutes today! I was so happy to get that in after a day of teaching and tutoring after school. I ran 3 times last week!