Friday, December 9, 2011

Diary of a Running Mom, Part 1

Take a good look at this picture. What do you see?

I mean, besides Miles' seriously 1980s sleeper borrowed from day care and my sweat-covered glistening face.

Look again. More closely this time. Do you see it?

Stop looking at Miles' widow's peak and my man chin.

Seriously, get some glasses. Look now.

That would be my Under Armor shirt label indicating that it was on inside out and backward. A fact that I only realized after my run on Wednesday. Score one for me!

Sadly, that was my only run thus far this week. I had been hoping to go out this morning. In fact, I spent last night and this morning psyching myself up but Miles decided to sleep in. It would have been all well and good had he sent a memo of his plans so I could hop on the treadmill as he snoozed but he didn't. Oh well. I ended up being showered and semi-dressed for work by the time he started stirring.

I did squeeze in some activity by walking him to my mother-in-law's house, where he hangs out on Friday, and then walking home. She lives about a mile and a half from us, allowing Denali and I to log 3 miles before I headed off to work.

How do you fit in exercise when your workout plans are thrown off?


  1. 1. you don't have man chin.
    2. Miles looks stinkin adorable no matter WHAT he wears.
    3. I fit in exercise during the day, squats while I'm standing doing other things. If I have a few extra minutes I'll do jumping jacks, lunges, or crunches. Seriously, I do random stuff whenever I get a few minutes and I don't even have a kid, so I can only imagine.

    Don't feel bad, you're busy. Not every week can go exactly as planned. At least you did get out there!

    Happy weekend :)

  2. I think it's an awesome number of miles you did to get to your MIL's - that's really something and GREAT use of your time and schedule!

    Umm - yeah, your shirt being on inside out and backwards just proves you are extra hardcore and can't be bothered with the pre-run details - it's all about the run that matters - so hardcore!!!

    p.s. NOT very sore at all (a little quads and hams still, but NOTHING like Tuesday!)

    MILES is adorable!!!! OHHH so adorable. I hope I can see him sometime soon!!! He's a cutie for sure!!!!

  3. Ohhhh and I thought the "tag" was a snowflake pendant . . . for what it's worth EVEN after I clicked on the photo to enlarge it!!!

  4. I am with Wells, I thought it was a necklace! I am guilty of running with clothes backwards. Mine was a pair of compression shorts. I just thought they felt funny because they didn't fit right!

    P.S. Every time I see a picture of Miles I smile! :)

  5. ahaha it happens to the best of us! I often have to refocus myself and remind myself that even though it's not what I planned, it's still valuable to work out! Then I get my booty into the basement and do some HIIT!

  6. Hi! Just found you through running chronicles, i love finding other running moms! I went to a spinning class this week with my shirt on backwards and didn't realize it until we were halfway through... i was planning to stay and lift wts, but opted to do a bit at home instead. Ah, mommyhood. :)

  7. I would've guessed spit up! Sometimes you don't notice that "accessory"

  8. Such a cute photo of the two of you!!! I pop in a quick 20 min workout DVD if I am short for time and it helps to get in a workout.

  9. Totally thought you were going to point out your new necklace!

    Last week I sent James to school with his shirt on backwards. Winning Mom of the Year over here...