Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday: The highlights

The big three: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Growing up, I thought you only needed big three. Snacking … well, snacking was bad. You didn’t need it.

It made you fat. It’s not to say that I didn’t snack – I did – but it wasn’t something that was encouraged.

Now, I couldn’t make it through a day without snacking. There’s the pre-exercise snack, the mid-morning snack, the 3 kajillion afternoon snacks and an evening snack. All day, I snack, snack, snack.

Mini-meals are often encouraged during weight loss as a way to stabilize blood sugar and prevent that insane hunger that makes you eat a bag of chips with a container of French onion dip and a sleeve of Thin

Mints for dessert. However, I couldn’t help but wonder whether I should be eating more at the big three to keep from snacking so much.

Hear me out. As a nursing mom, I get 43 Points+ a day (with a total of 49 Weekly Points+ to use at my discretion).

Yesterday, my breakfast was this Cauliflower and Feta Omelet.


It clocked in at 4 Points+.

Lunch was a mish mash of leftovers.


Spaghetti squash and salsa chicken, warmed up with two wedges of Chipotle Laughing Cow to make a creamy “pasta” and topped with 2% reduced fat Cheddar cheese. I had this at 8 Points+.

Note: I am not one of those people who think you can just sub out noodles with spaghetti squash. Spaghetti squash is NOT pasta. It’s just not. I just like the taste and texture of spaghetti squash.

For dinner, I made tilapia seasoned with Old Bay, turnip “chips” and lima beans.

My meal came to 8 Points+.

All together, the big three came to 20 Points+ – less than half my daily allowance – giving me room to eat a Pumpkin Banana Muffin, popcorn and … I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to get my tracker.
So what about you? Do you eat big meals and few snacks or smaller meals and lots of snacks?


  1. Looks like those were all very filling meals! Way to go!

  2. You are able to find awesomely filling and healthy meals with minimal points - nice. I say snack on, snack on my friend.

    Oh and I love your ideal of packing both weekend bags at one time.

  3. Totally random, had this in my email and remembered you have one of these strollers:,%202011&MsdVisit=1

  4. Snacks are my friends :)

    The spaghetti squash looks amazing!

  5. I know that snacking is a great way to keep your blood sugar stable, but it totally triggers me to eat more. I keep it to 3 meals a day with a dedicated snack at 3:00 and then once dinner is done the Kitchen is closed! This seems to be the best method for me!

  6. I used to eat just 3 meals a day (with the occasional dessert after dinner). I remember it being tough to lose weight.

    After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I am now on a stricter meal plan: 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks a day.

    I feel like I'm eating All. The. Time.

    But my glucose numbers are good and my weight this pregnancy is on track so I think I'm doing better than when I just ate 3 meals a day.

    PS- I've always wanted to try spaghetti squash but never had the courage!

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