Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weighing in: Scale confusion

Move that body: 2.17-mile run

Motherhood has made me the queen of fitting in my runs. I’ll get up at 4:30 (OK, that was once), postpone dinner, head out at 8 p.m. As long as it’s a priority for me, I’ll get it in.

Lately, I have been running my mid-week “bonus” run on the treadmill after Miles goes to bed and after “Survivor.” Read: I’m running 2 miles in the basement at 9 p.m. It’s totally not fun but I can usually motivate myself to do it with the promise of a bath.

Last night, though, it was all I could do to stay awake to see who got voted off. I’m pretty sure the only reason I managed that was I kept hoping Mark would get some ice cream and give me a couple bites. (For the record, he did not.) A run was just not going to happen. Under any circumstances.

And that’s OK. Postponing my run 10 hours wasn’t going to make or break my training schedule, my weight loss or my spirit. It was more important that I listened to my body.

Speaking of weight loss, I’m a bit baffled. I got on the scale post pumping but pre-run and I was 135.0 – a loss of 0.6 pound. Just for giggles, I got on the scale later this morning – after my pre-run snack, jaunt on the treadmill, and after breakfast and a can of Diet Coke. I was 134.2 – a loss of 1.4 pounds.

Such a dilemma -which one to count?!?

I’ll be a good girl and go with the 135, putting my pre-baby weight loss at 10.2 pounds and leaving me 10+ pounds to go.

What’s working: Ask and you shall receive. I’ve been angsting about getting in strength training and made it a goal to do it once this week. On Saturday, I asked Mark to take Miles and Denali on a walk so I could do “Ripped in 30.” You know what? He was happy to do so. Also, I cut my daily points from 43 to 40 to see if it would give me a boost.

What’s not working: The weather. I know I have a treadmill but the non-stop rain (literally non-stop) has kept us inside after dinner when we could have been out walking.

Goals for the week: Do “Ripped in 30” twice and try to go for a walk, as a bonus workout, on my lunch break once.

How do you listen to your body when it comes to exercise?


  1. You can only know when to push through or when to hold off by listening to your body. Sometimes I'm good at listening, sometimes I'm not. It's a work in progress... just like anything else, I suppose.

    Great job on the loss... both of them. I'm with you though, I would've counted the first one. My post today is going to be about the scale too...

    And for the record - I love your red hair too... I'd like to take a picture of it to my hair dresser and say - make my hair that color please. But I'm a chicken.

  2. Good job on fitting in those 'bonus' runs. I'm having such a hard time sticking to my plan. Grr.

    Some nights I am just too tired. I figure sleep is more important. After all a tired body doesn't move as well. It does frustrate me on the weight loss front though.

  3. i think i'm too good at listening to my body and end up taking the easy way more often than not. as i read your post i'm jelly: 1) you have a treadmill 2) your hubby is home to walk with you in the evening. i'm envious of you and your life. keep up the good work.

  4. I always go with my weight first thing in the morning. Makes me upset going to the doctor's lately when they weigh me after telling me to drink a gallon of water, eat lunch or breakfast and with all my clothes on. UGHHH.
    I always listen to my body and try to adapt my plans that way. Sometimes runs just aren't going to happen and a couple of hours aren't going to make a difference :)