Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One headlight

Move that body: 3.8-mile run

After last week's "constructive" criticism that we were hard to see, I wasn't going to take any risks when I went for a run this morning.

Please note Miles' hat and mittens. It was 48 degrees (or something like that) and I had to make sure he didn't get frostbite. It had nothing to do with how dern cute he looked in them. I am a safety gal now, thankyouverymuch.

I put on my brightest ensemble - bright pink and orange shorts, orange shirt with reflective design and the sleeves of my white compression top visible. I went through well-lit, quiet neighborhoods with wide streets. Well, what I had hoped would be wide streets.

And I managed to rig a headlight on the BOB. Sort of. I wedged a mag light between the car seat adapter and the seat of the BOB, turned it on and made sure it didn't wiggle too much.

I can't say whether it worked - after all, my awesomeness is limited and I can't run in front of the stroller - but I can say that there were no close calls and I never had to readjust the flashlight. Too bad I ran my route backward and didn't see if that lady was still sitting in her parked van so I could get her very important opinion.

Of course, it would be ideal to get some reflective stickers and a clip on light (or three) for us all to wear but until then, I have the mag.

And, in case you moms out there were wondering how well the hat and mittens worked out, here's what Miles looked like after the run.

Yep, he managed to turn his hat sideways and take off a mitten. He's so hood.

What did your workout look like today? Do you have a favorite outfit?


  1. OMG he is sooo adorable in the hat and mittens!!!!!!

  2. What a cutie pie!!!
    I'm going to workout as soon as I get off work. I am looking forward to it.. big time.

  3. That last picture is the cutest! I ran today for the first time in too long and it was wonderful!

  4. Oooh he is so cute! Leo always works his hats around, too!

  5. He is sooooo CUTE!

    I've always been afraid to run when it's dark out.. maybe with the right gear I'll get out there!

  6. Just so you know - you're killing me with all these posts containing WAY TOO CUTE MILES!!!!! Seriously - why did I ever read your blog BEFORE it featured heart crushing cutie photos of lil' Miles??? Just kidding (but surely you knew that!).

    Love that you were safety girl - mag light doubles as a weapon - WTG!

    Dare you to pin a sign to your shirt "can you see me now?" Ha!

    Didn't work out today - worked 14 hours. Boo!

    Seriously - Miles is adorable!