Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Halloween dilemma


Of all the things in my pillowcase at the end of the night on Oct. 31 each year, I hated Smarties the most. They are chalky and flavorless and rather unpalatable to my child-self's discerning palate. I preferred chocolate. More specifically, I preferred full-size candy bars ... or at least the fun-size ones. Mini candy bars are for the birds and just one bite.

My overweight child-self, though, didn't really need more than one bite. One bite would have done me just fine. Actually, an apple would have done me just fine but even in the so-much-safer 1980s, my mom still had to inspect my candy for razor blades and an apple could have chock full of 'em. Or something worse. Like brandy.Nowadays, if someone tried to handout an apple, a homeowner would probably have to duck as a screaming mom chucked apple while pulling out her pink Taser.

What's a well-meaning, health-conscious Halloween goodie distributor to do?

One could suck it up, acknowledge that Halloween is just one day a year and be the cool lady on the block who hands out full-size Reese cups (that she had to hide from her peanut butter-loving kleptomaniac husband).

Or ...

She could plan ahead, risk getting her house toilet-papered and pass out something non-food related. Like erasers. Or pencils. Or those Silly Bandz thar are not nearly as cool as slap bracelets. I found some pretty affordable stuff on the website Oriental Trading - "fun bands" for 99 cents (50 count); glow-in-the-dark fangs for $5 (72 count); erasers for $5.25 (144 count); spider rings for $5.25 (144 count); or mini yo-yos for $2.39 (12 count).

Of course, there is another option. One could offer the child candy or a prize, teaching them that health and fun are a choice. (Yes, I just implied that candy is not fun. Go ahead and TP my house. My address is ... )

What are your thoughts? Are you handing out anything this year?


  1. OHHH initially I thought I had the perfecto idea for you - I happen to be the health educator for one of the largest pretzel manufacturer in America and can get TONS of pretzels (either airplane size bags or vending machine bag size) and bring them to you when I see you next (wink). OHHH, but I LOVE your idea of the toys - genius!!!!!

    Gotta watch out for the creepy new couple in the neighborhood giving out apples . . . :)

  2. Or just buy a little bit of candy and when you're out you're out. (That's what we do.) That way you know you handed out something, but you know you won't have any leftovers.

    Toys and Pretzels sound good too!

  3. Last year I saw "Scarotts" at the grocery store. They were baby carrots. I'm sure you wouldn't be popular if you gave those out!

    For some reason, I get like no trick-or-treaters even though I live in a suburban neighborhood.

  4. I always hand out candy and candy I like just in case it's left over :) I see alot of people handing out pretzels or granola bars and the kids love them. Definitely healthier than a snickers.