Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Track session

Move that body: 2.35-mile walk with the boys

Indian food. I wanted Indian food. So yesterday afternoon, I called Mark and told him that he would be taking me to the Indian buffet today. For hours, I dreamed about naan, saag paneer, curry and chicken tikka masala.

And then it happened. I got on the scale at the doctor’s office.

In two weeks, I had managed to gain a schload of weight. The number was more than likely a direct result of the 5 billion glasses of water I had drank that afternoon but I’ll always be the first to admit when I’ve done wrong. Ahem, pizza on Friday, Burger King on Saturday, apple pie and ice cream on Sunday. I did stay close to calorie goals but I wasn’t fueling my body the way my doctor and I would like.

So I did something drastic. I canceled my date with the Indian buffet Mark and headed out to the garden.

I plucked some kale leaves from my enormous plants (and took a moment to admire the baby tomatoes I’ve got going) and headed into the kitchen to prepare Whole Foods’ Kale and White Bean Soup.


I made a few adjustments based on my pantry – two cloves of garlic instead of four (how can I be out of garlic?!), chicken broth instead of vegetable and diced tomatoes with a handful of Italian seasoning instead of Italian-style diced tomatoes. I was also able to use up some UGLY baby carrots that I had in the back of the crisper instead of giving them to Denali, which is normally what happens. SCORE!

The soup is a quick cooker, and I had it finished before Mark got out of the shower.

By the way, I scored some major husband points for using produce out of my garden.

I divided the soup into four portions – one for today’s lunch, one for later in the week and two for the freezer to have post-baby. The soup might not have the convenience and crave appeal of a No. 1 from McDonald’s but I already feel better about the day knowing that I have a healthful lunch in my bag.

How do you get back on track after a bad eating week?

Do you have any freezer-friendly meals that I should make before the baby comes?


  1. This sounds really yummy!

    One of my profs clued me into freezing rice+beans+veggie burritos. She would always have a stash at work for emergencies, plus you can make them as healthy as you like.

    I freezed my pumpkin burritos last week and they're holding up really well this week, too!

  2. I had a bad eating week about two weeks ago. We ate out every night. This of course was before bed rest and I was working a lot. I have not really watched what I ate since being pregnant and the scale shows it. Before I got pregnant I was such a healthy eater. Then I got so sick during pregnancy that all I could really keep down were carbs. After that it was over. I have been trying to do better. Hopefully when I get back on weight watchers I can get back on track. Good luck with the scale and do not be too hard on yourself. I think your beautiful!

  3. That looks amazing!

    I'm having a bad week. I started off healthy today, but totally just blew it at lunch. I have that all-or-nothing mentality, too, so there is a huge part of me that wants to be like, "I might as well eat a blizzard from DQ for dinner and start again tomorrow." UGH!

  4. Now I totally want Indian food...we hit the buffet last week. I'm dreading the weigh in tomorrow.

    I try to get back on track by making small changes. Substituting say an apple with pb for that Reeses peanut butter cup, etc.

    I'm so excited for our garden to be in full bloom! I made some frozen meals last weekend. Lasagna (easy to stuff with veggies), chicken and black bean enchiladas (minus a ton a cheese) and a broccoli chicken and rice casserole. Soups are always good too!

  5. You should freeze more soup! My mom made me a crap ton of chicken noodle soup and it froze so well! I had an emergency cesarian and so I didn't plan on not being able to walk well for about 3 weeks, i would have bout a lot more frozen meals that are easy to preheat and cook, that way you don't have to leave your baby crying to get dinner done. A lot of Stouffer's frozen meals have gotten healthier. I had a lot of those around which was good.
    Other than that we had a lot of neighbors bring in food, and people from our church. They were life savers!

  6. Great job making such a hard sacrifice - I probably wouldn't have had the will power to cancel my fav food (I know how much you like Indian).

  7. Looks delicious! I always try to eat at home for the whole week if I've gone on an eating bender. I just feel like if it's cooked at home, it's much healthier for you. Veggies from the garden rock

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