Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunny days pushin’ the clouds away

Move that body: ~4-mile walk with the boys

It’s Day 3 of my Prilosec regimen and, let me tell you, things are looking up. I might not be pain free but I rolled over this morning with one thing on my mind.


It had been three days since food was something to be wanted rather than feared. And I can’t lie, I don’t think I loved my husband more than when he said, “Do you want to go out for breakfast?”. The thought of pancakes and eggs is enough to make this lady swoon.

Mark and I tried a new-to-us restaurant in our ’hood that a few of my co-workers LOVE. The menu features French toast made with angel food cake, a baklava topping for pancakes, bacon waffles and a million and one egg dishes. Seriously, a million and one. I opted for one of those – a Greek skillet that had gyro meat, tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, cheese and eggs. It was served with my favorite condiment ever – tzatziki sauce.

(There are no photos because I a) couldn’t wait to eat it; and b) I didn’t bring my purse.)

After such a filling breakfast – of which I ate half and saved the rest for lunch – you would think I’d be ready to do something. You know, like, exercise.


The idea of gardening for a few hours and then a movie seemed like a better idea. To me, at least. Mark was amenable to the gardening – not so much to the movie.


So I told him to get walkin’.


I was nice and went, too, but only under the condition that we went far enough to make me not bored.


We walked a mile to the park and did a loop, stopping occasionally to enjoy the scenery. Mark admired the muddy river and Denali took delight in Mark’s legs. I took delight (unpictured) in the shade. It was warm! And, I hate to say it, the combination of the gardening and 4 miles left my uber pregnant self a bit fatigued. (Folks, I only have 17 days to go!)

But no worries – I was able to power through. With a little help.


Just the thought of our post-walk visit to Cold Stone Creamery kept me moving. Not so healthy but I did have a acid reflux caloric deficit to make up ;) I had a “Like It” That’s How I Roll or something like that. It was AH-mazing.


Mark was a chunk-a-monk and had a “Love It” something and loved every bite. Except the one he gave me.

Yep. He’s a keeper.

What did y’all do this weekend?


  1. Glad you're feeling better. 17 days - wowowowowowow!!! Does it seem real? Loved your comment on my blog - maybe we should take more naps so we can dream of being fast (and by osmosis become fast!). Your day sounds nice! Take care of yourself now girl - REST is critical as you won't be getting much in the weeks/months to come.

  2. Glad your better! :)
    17 days? You look awesome! And 4 Miles walking is a lot at that stage.

  3. So glad you are feeling better! I can't believe you only have 17 days left. That's so exciting. Looks like a fun walk :)

  4. French toast made with Angel Food Cake? This I need to try!