Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Say … WTF?

Move that body: 2.78-mile walk with Denali

Last day to enter my giveaway for one of three vouchers for a free pair of Old Navy active wear pants.

This morning, about half-way through our walk, Denali and I saw a woman running toward us on the opposite side of the street. I have to admit that I was sort of jealous. You know, she was running and at a decent pace. Then I noticed something: She was pulling something behind her. At first, I thought it might be a wagon with, you know, kids in it. As she approached, I saw that it certainly wasn’t a wagon and there certainly weren’t any children. She was towing a kayak as she ran along the hilly street that runs next to the park. Mind you, the kayak was on some kind of wheely thing but … yeah.


Last night, “The Biggest Loser” made a big reveal – and it wasn’t contestants at weights they’ll never be able to maintain. Nope. It was the newest trainer.


Anna Kournikova. The chick who flirted with tennis and played with Enrique Iglesias.

WTF. I may just have to stop watching next season.

And then there’s the biggest WTF of the week:

I got called out by my OB … for gaining too much weight.

I hit a benchmark yesterday, one I’m not comfortable sharing, and he warned me to watch it.

“You lost a lot of weight,” he said. “You don’t want to go back there.”

Thanks for the newsflash, Doc. But you could at least give me some credit – I’m not on track to gain the 40, 50 - heck, 60 - pounds my friends have.

“Eat healthy,” he said. “Fruits and veggies.”

WTF, doc. I lost 120 pounds – I think I know how to eat healthy. I’m not going to play stupid and say, “But I have been eating healthy.” I know I’ve slid, allowed some things in my diet that weren’t there pre-pregnancy. HOWEVER, I’m also not eating fast food and crap all day long.

“No sugar,” he said. “No bread – it turns into sugar. No pasta – it turns into sugar. No cookies – they start with sugar.”

WTF, doc. You want to, for all intents and purposes, tell her she’s getting too fat and then take away carbs. What do you expect me to eat? Ten servings of fruit. Well guess what, jerk face, there’s sugar there, too. (Clarification: I know that the sugar in fruit is better for me than the sugar in a Milky Way.)

“What are you doing for Memorial Day?” he asked.

Not eating cookies, I thought.

“Weeding my garden,” I said.

“That sounds good,” he said, making sure to add in something about a barbecue. A healthy one.

WTF, doc. Make small talk just to make your instructions sting a little more? Thanks. Really.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a low-sugar diet to conjure up.

What’s your WTF moment for today?


  1. OK, your doc officially pissed me off. DO NOT take that to heart. You are already doing all the right things and you know it. Just keep on keeping on - if you are eating the way you should and staying active, there isn't a whole lot you can do about how your body chooses to do pregnancy. Please - I'd like to bitch slap him :(

    I was also "WTF" about Anna. Not not liking that choice. We'll see, I guess...

  2. Seriously WTF doctor!!
    I'd be asking for referrals at the front desk for a doc that "gets it".

  3. Boo doctor! That's right up there with one of my members telling me that his doctor "flicked" his stomach. *stares*

    I don't have a WTF moment yet for the day...

    but I agree with you about Anna Kournikova. I just can't see it.

  4. I had my comment all typed out and Blogger just refreshed and killed it. There's my WTF.

    I agree on BL. She can play tennis, but that does NOT mean she is a personal trainer!

    On your doc? Is he overweight? Tell him to shove it. What a looney! I bet he tricked out his scale. Can you eat whole grain pasta? What about brown rice?

    I hope he is not being biased against you because you shared your weight loss story with him. Sounds like he is nearly paranoid.

    Jeeze. Good luck eating veggies for B,L and D! Yikes.

  5. Ugh that SUCKS. You look great and you're active and eating well. Don't let him bug you - you know you're healthy and your baby boy will be, too. Every body is different and every BODY is different, too.

  6. ((hugs)) and a big ol' middle finger pointing the direction of your doc!!!!! Okay - that's 2 middle fingers in the upright position heading her way!

  7. OMG!!! I will go and punch him if you want. You are doing GREAT!! and he is stupid.

  8. I am equally outraged by what your doctor said. I feel like a woman doctor would never have said such a thing. But who knows. You have done an incredible job being healthy. Pregnancy is a time to make sure your baby gets the nutrients he needs, and you've been doing just that. Hopefully you will ignore his comments and continue with your healthy pregnancy.

  9. OK, so he doesn't want you to be running and he guilts you about the weight gain? Speaking as one of the people who falls into one of the weight categories you mentioned, I'd like to punch him in the face. I keep bringing it up to my MD, and TWO different MDs have told me I'm fine. Stay healthy and active. You've lost the weight before, you'll do it again when it's time.

  10. That doctor SUCKS! Ughh, that would make me so upset if the doc said something like that to me. My sister had the same thing happen to her, doc told her she was getting fat while pregnant. So stupid. WTF with the Biggest Loser too. Anna K. is sometimes an unhealthy stick figure, doesn't make sense.

  11. I am so sorry that your doctor was such an insensitive jerk. I think you look great and you're still being active! Everyone is different and hello you're supposed to gain weight while pregnant. To even suggest that you might be going down a path to gaining back weight you worked hard to lose before baby is ridiculous. I've gained over 20lbs now.

    Hang in there! We're in the home stretch.

  12. I'm not too happy with the new trainer either.