Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dog gone it

Move that body: Shoes, which were hosed off yesterday, too wet to do anything. Runner fail. Plan to walk this afternoon

Mark and I had a discussion. A big discussion. About why I run.

He was worried that I was obsessive or exhibiting unhealthy exercise habits.

I assured him that I wasn’t being obsessive.

I run because I like it. Even if it doesn’t feel like it used to, it still feels good.

I run because it’s a lot less boring than walking. Even with Denali, who is a jerk never responds to my queries, and an audiobook.

I run because it’s good for the baby.

But I really run because I’m selfish. I’ve given up sangria, my body, goat cheese, 8:30 miles, sleeping through the night, mojitos … it’s enough. I’m going to keep the running for myself.

But someone …

denali pro

Yes, that cute someone … he had another idea.

He decided that its’ good for me to run so that when he decides to go exploring, finding the one hole in the fence, I have the energy, fitness and stamina to sprint down the grassy alley to chase him. Yep. Let’s just say I had a fun afternoon yesterday – filled with dirt, tears, screaming, some speed I thought I lost and my first foray into barefoot running.

And while I told Denali that I hated him about 3,456,795,321 times yesterday, his little adventure was a great reminder that I can run – and that’s a good thing.

Who knows how long I’ll go but I definitely think I have a few more selfish miles in me.

As for Denali, he has a tie-out in his future.

Stay tuned this afternoon for giveaway winners AND a new giveaway.


  1. Soooo scary to have your dog run away. My other beagle had a million lives I swear. She would tunnel under the fence in a second and be gone for hours. Back then, I was a fast runner, and used a lot of my speed and endurance to run to find the dog. I was always luck and found her (once she was gone for 3 days - though in my defense, that was her escape while under my mom's care). SOOOO glad you didn't loose your canine son and running partner!!! Sooo glad that you have been selfish (though, I don't think it's selfish) and kept running - do what you need and want and can do, girl!

  2. Gotta love huskies! I lost count of how many times mine got away from me back in the day, even with a fenced in yard.