Monday, April 11, 2011

Springing forward

Workout: 2.26-mile run and upper body set with 10-pound weights

I didn’t really want to run today.

Thunder shook the house and rain teemed in the early morning (think 4 a.m.), and the sky looked as if it could open up at any time. I am no longer a bad@ss, and the thought of running in the rain did not seem like fun. The weather was a balmy 65 degrees – a temperature I haven’t seen for a run in quite some time (think September/October) – and I wasn’t sure how I’d fare.

But I knew that I needed to run.

I hadn’t been out since Thursday, and the most I did this weekend was walk and weed my grandma’s flower beds. Denali was manic for exercise, only getting a short walk last night after being in the kennel for the weekend.

I grabbed my Garmin and got dressed, putting on what fit -- a cotton tank ala Old Navy and an old pair of shorts and by old, I mean they are a size XL. Even pregnant, I look like I’m wearing a diaper.

Denali and I set out toward the greenway so that we could run through one of the nearby parks and back to the neighborhood. I was a bit afraid that the course would be long given my recent 2.75-mile cap but I was disappointed to discover that it was actually on the short side. Especially because I was feeling good, relatively speaking. The air was nice and the cloud cover meant it wasn’t too bad. Again, my legs felt great. As I was in the last quarter-mile (as if that counts on such a short run), I had a flashback to pre-preggo running.

With that said, I will mention that in the first quarter-mile or so I was very aware that I was pregnant. There was no strain or discomfort per se but I could sense the growing belly. It seems I might need to break down and get a pregnancy support band. I’m sure it will pair well with my diaper shorts.

Upon returning home (energized and satisfied, I must say), nature rewarded me with this:


The first bud in the yard. A beautiful, beautiful tulip – one of my favorites.

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  1. Tulips are indeed my FAV flower. With this past weekend's warm weather and the recent rain - I noticed on my run that the things (shrubs, trees, bushes, weeds, etc) in the woods were really popping with green buds. It was indeed prettier than it has been in awhile. Glad you got out there and ran. I have this diaper running vision . . . get it out of my head!!! SMILE!