Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Workout: 2.9-mile run and 10 minutes with my weights

Is it just me or does this week seem loooong? I was sitting on the couch last night, watching "Survivor," and bemoaning the fact that it was only Wednesday. It definitely felt like Thursday. And now today is Thursday, and it feels like Friday.

Except it's not.

1. I think part of the reason it feels like such a long week is because it's been a busy week. I was in meetings all day Tuesday and we met Mark's parents for dinner that night. Today, I have a full plate at work and then Mark and I are meeting the Realtor to look at two more houses. Yep, we're still looking. Want the scoop?
a. We had to walk away from the house on which we had made an offer. The sellers did agree to replace the furnace and roof but only under the condition that we pay half the closing costs and $2,000 above list price. Say what? Apparently, they were way under water and couldn't afford to take less on the house and make repairs. Considering their situation, our Realtor wasn't confident that they would pick reputable contractors and we were released from the contract.

b. Mark and I went out again last weekend and again found a house we liked. But there are glitches. The house was purchased by an investor (aka flipper) and updates were made to the house. New roof, newer furnace and hot water heater, new bathroom. Awesome. Glitch? The house was bought, remodeled and being sold (potentially) in less than six months, subjecting our loan to greater oversight. The seller could be asked to justify the increase in price (160 percent) by providing receipts and if the lender didn't find it acceptable, they could deny the loan. Even if the house appraised for the selling price. Boo.

c. House No. 2 isn't out per se but we're feeling a little gun shy, prompting the meeting tonight. At least I'm bringing cupcakes.
2. Lately, I have been having an issue with vegetables. As in I don't want to eat them. The thought of a side of broccoli or carrots as a snack makes this former veggie queen nauseous. I can manage to eat salads but that's about it, and it's forcing me to get creative with my meals. Case in point: breakfast this morning. I made a "pizza" scramble - sauteed mushrooms, onions and spinach; 10 grams turkey pepperoni, 1/2 cup Egg Beaters and 2% cheese. The pepperoni made the vegetables palatable and was actually kinda good with the eggs. Salty, salty. It would have been better with tomatoes but we didn't have any. (By the way, a helpful hint: Cook the veggies in 1/4 cup chicken stock to cut down on oil.)

3. I felt so smart today. I was able to change the display on my Garmin so that I only see time and distance - all I really need to see right now. I can no longer glance to see what pace "slogging" really is and I don't get the urge to push myself beyond my comfort level. Kinda nice. Sort of like today's run - minus the wind.


  1. I had that same issue with veggies at the beginning! Still do, to some extent, but it's been better.

    Also, I've had the same issue with the days of the week this week!

  2. Try my spinach on home made pizza idea. You won't even taste the veggie.

  3. I found you from skinny runner! Just wanted to let you know in case it helps with the house..... we flip houses and there is a law that you can't buy and flip a house in less than 90 days, that way the problems you are thinking you might face with your loan shouldn't be problems. Make sure your agent and loan officer know that. Just wanted to help you out!!!! Good luck!!

  4. Hang in there with the house search. We had lots of ups and downs too...including being under contract on one house and having to exit the contract due to the seller's refusal to make expensive (and very necessary) repairs.

    Now that we look back, we are so happy that house didn't work out because we ended up finding something we love even more!