Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Workout: 3.12-mile run

I need help. In more ways than one.

This morning, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to run. I was feeling a bit lazy and tired, though I know that (more than likely) I will be tired for the next 18 years. So I asked Denali for help.

Only problem: He really wasn’t that helpful. Usually he’ll jump up and run to the door but this morning he decided to make an @ss out of himself. I probably need help if I’m going to a dog for advice.

Either way, I went for a run. Within the first quarter mile, I had to pee and by the time we got to the park at 1.5 miles, I had no choice. I had no shame about attempting to take Denali into the ladies room but it was locked. So I headed for the port-o-pottie. It was a handicap-accessible toilet, leaving me no option but to take Denali in with me. (In the past, I’ve been able to close the door on the leash and leave him outside.) It was a rainbow of smells for him, I'm sure, and he kept himself occupied, nose to the ground, while I emptied my bladder. For even thinking that this was an option, I am sure I need help. Of the mental kind. Or, at least a diaper if I can’t run 20 minutes without a pee break.

I ran sans iPod because I just finished "Water for Elephants" on audiobook, leaving me to listen to crap radio or my limited iTunes selections until I find a new audiobook. One problem? I am so not tapped into what’s good and have no idea what to look for. Help! Have you read anything or listened to anything of note lately?


  1. Your posts, even those about peeing, crack me up!

    I have 2 audiobooks currently -
    "3 weeks with my Brother" by Nicolas Sparks
    The Lucky One by Nicolas Sparks

    Let us know what you choose next -

  2. "A Short History of Nearly Everything" is quite entertaining. It's like a history book written by TMZ, giving you all the shocking behind-the-doors info you could possibly want to know.

  3. Oh wow your husky barks like that? My husky like...never barked! Though the little "woo-ey" noises Denali was making after his bark nearly brought tears to my eyes, I miss my girl so much :-/