Sunday, March 13, 2011

In the long run

Workout: ~3.3-mile run

I was starving this morning. “Acidy, stomach eating itself” starving. I rolled over to Mark and told him that I had to eat but I didn’t have to run.

“You told me not to let you punk out,” he said.

Dangit. Why doesn’t he remind me that it’s been eight months since I had a Big Mac (last time after RnR Chicago) or that I haven’t bought a new pair of non-running shoes since … well, I cant remember? He stinks.

So we ate, got some work done while our tummies rested and got dressed before we lost our motivation.

It was 32 degrees so I decided to brave it with just tights, a compression top and a short-sleeve race tech shirt (United Run for the Zoo 10K) -- no gloves or headband. Mark, on the other hand, wore a T-shirt, two jackets, a hat, gloves and his beloved Adidas pants.

P1000598 P1000599

Denali went naked. He’s such a stud like that.

We had no real plan for the run – no idea where we were headed or if it would be 2.5 miles or 3. We started my required block-walk warmup when we saw the crazy German shepherd from down the street (which has attacked Denali), and we quickly decided to turn around, head down a different street and run a giant 2.5-mile triangle.

The first half-mile was pretty meh. I was a bit slow and I kept having to fuss with my tights, which were falling off my butt. I stopped to adjust the tie as to not moon the entire neighborhood but still keep circulation to my midsection. I seriously can’t wait to wear shorts with an elast-o-band.

After that stop, it seemed to be smooth sailing. I felt pretty good, and we weren’t forced to stop at traffic intersections nor inclined to stop to allow me to catch my breath. Mark and I chatted about needs/wants for a potential house (we made an offer on a different house) and mentally rearranged furniture to see how it work in a new space.

Soon enough, we were heading up the hill to the half-mile to home marker. I was feeling good but tired and ready for a break. Thankfully, Denali obliged by popping a squat. Mark had the foresight to bring a bag. Well, to grab a bag from home and make me carry it during the run. I returned the favor and made him carry the poo.

Anyway, I took an extra breath and got ready to go again when we were passed by a tall, lanky runner in shorts and an Indy Mini shirt. Across the street, going in the opposite direction, was another runner who was decked out in tights, cold weather gear, fuel belt and water bottles. He was out and planning to be out for a while. I couldn’t help but wonder what the two guys were training for. Long runs in the winter? Come on! And then I realized it’s mid-March and spring marathons and half-marathons are just around the corner. The long runs are getting farther and more and more people will be heading out to the trails. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit jealous.

So I did what I could do. I ditched Mark and Denali at home and ran around the block to make sure I got in at least 3 miles. If Mark wouldn’t have been sure to yell at me, I might have made it 4 miles. Didn’t you know -- it’s the new long run!


  1. You're posts always crack me up. I love that Mark dresses EXACTLY like my training partner "C" and you dress much like me (except no tights without pants covering them for me . . . I support the society to prevent blindness SMILE). You guys look sooooo cute - it's like the Healthy Ken & Barbie set - you guys are going to make such awesome parents!!!!

    Today's weather was AWESOME. The forecast said it was going to be colder than yesterday, and that may be, but without the wind - it's AMAZING!!!!

    Good luck on offer number 2 - always kind of nerve-wracking!

  2. Sounds like a great run! Hope it warms up for you guys soon! :0)

  3. I'm all about the new long run! I'm gonna try it out for size this week to see if I can stay fashionable!

  4. My Hubz has those same pants as Mark. Must be a guy thing.

    I felt like you last night. I had a bowl of cereal at 12 a.m. I didn't count the calories. I considered it middle of night calories.