Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday love

Workout: 3.0-mile run

Remember last week … last week, when I wore shorts on my run?

Yeah. So do I.

I just wish Mother Nature did.

This morning, it was full-on winter gear with early-morning temps in the lower 20s – tights, long-sleeve shirt, jacket, vest, hat and gloves. Though, truth be told, I could have done without the vest and hat. I was hot by the half-way point.

Regardless, it didn’t make me happy.


But seeing as my other option was “power walking,” as Mark so kindly reminded me, I sucked it up and went on my way. Or our way since Denali was my companion.

And, in case you were wondering, yes. Yes it is possible for me to take an even more unattractive photo than the one above. I promise.

Anywho … time for Friday love!

Food. Mark has discovered the joys of a daily dose of caffeine in the morning and has made a small pot of coffee every morning this week. He takes a cup in a travel mug to school and leaves the rest for me. No baby worries - it’s half-caff, so it’s cool. Let me tell you this: I am loving the fact that it’s one less thing I have to do for myself. Yay morning laziness!

Fitness. Yesterday, I finally picked up my weights after a near two-week hiatus. I did circuits, I think. I did an exercise that focuses on a specific muscle for one minute and then switched to another exercise, focusing on a different muscle, for a minute. I did four muscle groups – so 4 minutes – and then took a 1-minute break (repeat 3 times). The muscles were biceps, shoulders, triceps and back. Let me tell you that those 12 minutes of work translated into some serious soreness this morning. Yay for muscles!

Life. After my manic excitement about the house last week, Mark and I were taken down a notch (or three) after the inspection. There are some definite issues that we had to take to the sellers but they are getting estimates – and that’s good our Realtor says. So how is this love worthy? I’m not sure but I am glad that the home inspector caught the things he did; I am glad that we have an A+ Realtor to guide us through the process; and I’m glad that I’m not losing hope. So keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or just have hope that this works out. Baby boy needs a room!

So what’s going on this weekend? We’re going to a luau (of all things in this miserable weather) and I’m taking Coconut Cornbread Bread Pudding!


  1. Ohh Monday's weather would have be FAB for your luau - ohh, tomorrow's weather will suck for it. . . I'm sorry, but have fun anyway!!!!
    I love me some Friday (as you know).
    Good luck on the house . . . remember that if they don't fix it, you might be able to roll the cost of the repair up in your mortgage (assuming it's really THE house you want).

  2. I hear you on the weather. UGH.

  3. I can't wait for the spring weather either. I feel like it may never get here! I also wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful gift package from your giveaway, I loved it all! Can't wait to use it :)

  4. Ugh, I hear ya! I was wearing shorts like...a week and a half/two weeks ago...but in recent days I'm back to warm pants and a sweatshirt as well. Boo! (and I live in the south!)