Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weight a minute

Workout: 3.0-mile run

I feel heavy.

When I run, I feel heavy.

I can feel my shirts riding up as I move my arms front and back.

I can feel my belly as I put one foot in front of the other.

I can feel my breath become more labored earlier in the run with each passing day.

I just feel heavy.

I first noticed the feeling when I went for a run on Friday, the muscles in my abdomen tugging. My belly just hanging out. It's awkward and sort of gross, really. Like eating three banana splits. And I know you are super glad that I shared that with you.

The funny thing is, though, that as heavy as I feel, my pace isn't that bad. I'm no longer tracking it - officially, at least - but I am hovering just under 10-minute miles. Not too shabby after getting knocked up and a 13-pound weight gain. Of course, paced oesn't matter - it's just getting out there ;)

And baby boy agrees - he just kicked ... or punched ... or stuck out his butt.

How were your weekend workouts?


  1. I forget what it's called .... but get that belly holder contraption! For reals!

    Is there a preggo workout gear store? Maybe online? You could invest in a few outfits to get you thru. You definitely want to feel comfy in your own skin :)

  2. Thanks for the visual - but it's overly impressive that you were out there . . . you are amazing!!! Way to be a rockin' role model already (I'm sure the lil' man is noticing!).