Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Put a stick in me, we’re done

The morning, in pictures.


30 minutes of my favorite winter cardio: shoveling 4 inches of snow. (I also did 20 minutes of “Joy of Yoga” until it got to the lie on your belly part and then I did five sun salutations.)

P1000553P1000550 P1000552

Denali found a giant branch in the yard and chewed at it with manic determination.

He also dug a hole with furious determination because he is so over winter … and he likes to eat bugs.

It was such a bummer that this was how we spent the morning but at least the snow should keep me occupied until I can get to the library and pick up the two prenatal yoga videos I have on hold. AND, in sort of related news, I saw on Facebook that my yoga studio is doing a 6-week prenatal workshop. I am not sure if I am going to do it yet. What do you think?


  1. I'm so over this snow, too!

  2. I say YES - DO THE CLASSES!!! You LOVED your experience at the yoga studio - do it, don't spend another minute thinking about it - just call and get signed up (or log in whatever technology they use) - yes yes yes!!!! Go, have fun!

    We got 7 inches of snow on Monday AFTER we got 1/2 inch of ice - seriously . . . we had 5" on the ground when the FW weather guy was honestly saying that my town will get no more than 1-3" - REALLY, 'cuz we already had 5" at that point - sweat to goodness, I'm OVER THIS!!!!!!!!!!