Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

Workout: Upper body with 5-pound weights and 2.25-mile walk with Denali


Happy Valentine’s Day! Denali wanted to give you something special so he gave this balloon lots of kisses … for you. He’s so sweet like that.

Or, if you aren’t into slobber, you come to my house and snag one of Mark’s Valentine’s Day treats.


Chocolate-covered strawberry cake balls. I promise they taste a bajillion times better than this photo. Yellow kitchen lighting and my lack of skills never bode well for food shots.

Anyway, always one to fall in love with Jessica’s recipes, I was struck by the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cake Ball – or truffle as you call them … or pop if you put a stick in it. Whatever. Mark is a huge fan of cake balls, especially my cookies and cream version, so I thought it would be a lovely treat for the celebration of love.

He agreed. At least on Saturday, when I gave them to him (along with his $10.99 container of Joseph Decuis clam chowder).

Tonight, they failed to seduce him so I'll give them to you if you'll be my valentine.


Yep, that’s him eating ice cream out of the container. So much for my romantic cake balls.

Do you bake treats for your significant other as a gift? Did your evening top the excitement of the Healthy Strides’ Cheeseburger Meatloaf (made with ground sirloin, 2 percent cheese and egg substitute) and “The American'” (I am so bored I could cry)?


  1. I want those caek balls now! LOL my night isn't much more exciting. We're eating ice cream :)

  2. For my husband's (then boyfriend) first birthday after we started dating, I made him a "dessert cart". I made like 13 different kinds of sweet treats. I made a menu with the ingredients for each kind of treat (I wasn't sure what he may be allergic to or maybe he didn't like . . .we had only been dating about a month). I put it on a cart, bought a towel and draped it over the cart's handle. Pushed it into his office . . . now we're married. Was my best gift ever. Now . . . I bought him some cherry licorice from the spice store (have you been? you should totally go? It's across from the closed Home Depot on Coliseum & Lake). Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Yum, cake balls are seriously the BEST!