Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday love: Quick and dirty

Workout: 45 minutes shoveling snow

Today is Friday and Friday is all about love ... blah, blah, blah. I am sort of cranky today but I do owe it to you all to show some sort of affection.

And here it is.

Food. Apples, apple juice, apple butter, applesauce, apple cider. All things apple. I'm dying to make an Apple Pie Float I saw this week. But if you are in need of a dinner recipe - and not dessert - try this Southwest Pasta Skillet. It was a big hit at the Healthy Strides house this week.

Fitness. I'm really getting back into using the free weights, and I love it. I feel strong. Plus, my arms are the one part of my body I can control, fitness-wise, and I'm going to be damned if I go into labor with flabby wings.

Life. March is nearing. March. Is. Nearing. And that must mean an end to the snow some day soon. I don't even live in the beleaguered Northeast and still, I never have shoveled this much snow as I have this year.

And since this post isn't a whole lot of fun, here's the ABCs of me that's been floating around.

A. Age: 29
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore you hate:
All of them. Seriously. I hate to clean. However, the bath tub ranks No. 1.
D. Dogs: Denali!!! He's a 2-year-old Siberian husky and, by all accounts, the cutest dog on the planet.
E. Essential start to your day: Coffee. Even if it's decaf.
F. Favorite color: Green or orange.
G. Gold or silver: Silver
H. Height: 5-foot-3
I. Instruments you play: I took one year of flute lessons in 5th grade but was creeped out by the teacher. No big loss.
J. Job title: Assistant Features Editor
K. Kids: A sea monkey is a brewin'.
L. Live: Fort Wayne
M. Mom’s name: Pat.
N. Nicknames: Kim-Kims, Brat, Sissy and Monkey Poo. I don't think people like me very much.
O. Overnight hospital stays: None that I can remember.
P. Pet peeve: Tardiness.
Q. Quote from a movie:
"Donny, you're out of your element."
R. Righty or Lefty: Righty
S. Siblings: Just one - a brother
T. Time you wake up: Before 6:30 a.m.
U. Underwear:
Am I supposed to wear them?
V. Vegetables you dislike:
I am beginning to like my least favorites - cucumbers and eggplant.
W. What makes you run late: See Letter D.
X. X-rays you’ve had: Arm and my arm and my arm again.
Y. Yummy food you make: Anything I make is yummy unless it is at-home Indian food. I can't make Indian food to save my life.
Z. Zoo animal favorite: Gorillas.


  1. Agree with C - bathtubs ARE the worst - all that reaching and scrubbing on my hands and knees and then trying to rinse it out - uggg.


    I love me some Friday (especially this one - pay day and I have the day off - ohhh yeah!)

    Hope your funky mood subsides and you get to have some honest Friday love.

    In a couple of days you'll HAVE to check out my "Blu Grill" post - since you're in an apple mood. Last night we went there and had THE.VERY.BEST hot apple tart - dude, it had homemade caramle sauce - it was made in a pizza oven - oh sweet googly moogly - it was HEAVEN!!! There will be a couple of photos of it!!! The 3 of us shared it and it was DEL-ISH-OUS!!!!!!!!!!! Jus' sayin'!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I hope you find a way to rid yourself of the crankiness. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made complete sense to me... maybe that's because it's also hot in my office and I need water too?

    And I hate cleaning too!

  3. We are the same height? For some reason I always thought you were taller... must have been those Manolos you used to wear before your running days :)