Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The weekly check-up: Bump it up

Workout: Walk with Denali and 60-minute Vinyasa Flow yoga class

Two people at work - count them 1-2 - this week have said something to the effect, "Look at you! You're getting a belly."

Well, gee, thanks. I appreciate you pointing out that I'm a little rounder these days. It makes me feel oh so good. By the way, have I told you that you look like you packed on a few pounds? Maybe you shouldn't have gotten that Snickers bar from the vending machine. Just sayin'.

All right. Breathe.

Now that the snark is out - for now - I can revel in the humor that is people telling me I'm getting a belly. I know they are only doing it because I'm knocked up but I'd never tell a friend that it looked as if she put on a few pounds.

I would, however, tell Mark. I mean look at him.

From our 2008 honeymoon in Cancun

Just kidding. Here's the picture you really wanted to see ...

Where did this come from? I must have had a big dinner!

Pregnancy status: 16 weeks

Weight gain: 8 pounds (I'm not sure what happened this week but 3 pounds of my worrisome 11 just disappeared.)

Cravings: Cantaloupe, V8 and grape soda

Crazy dreams: Last night, it was that I had a baby girl who had very feline features. Every time I tried to pick her up, she scratched me.

Sea monkey size: Avocado (I'll never look at guacamole the same way!) - 4.5 inches and 3.5 ounces

Sea monkey features: Tiny bones forming in baby's ears mean he can now pick up your voice. A few more minuscule changes: Eyebrows, lashes and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming. (From

General feelings: I don't really have time to notice anything between my every 45-minute bathroom trips. Generally, I'm good - less tired, less ravenous and fewer headaches.

And, in case you were curious, I've added a new page (under the header) where I talk about my efforts to have a healthy pregnancy. It's a work in progress and will be updated.

Also, if you hate preggo updates - let me know. I bore myself with talking about pregnancy sometimes and would hate to do it to you.


  1. You look gorgeous!!

  2. You are so awesome! And I imagine that the "you're getting a belly comments" have to throw you for a loop, even if you do know it's because you're pregnant! When is it ever okay to say to someone - my look at that stomach!!?!?

    Never. You're beautiful as ever... and glowing like a pregnant woman should. I shall follow your chronicle in hopes that when it comes time for me to have a healthy pregnancy, I'll have tips and tricks galore!

  3. I love your journey. Congrats on all the success you've achieve and I love the tummy shot. You and I have very similar backgrounds, I lost a ton of weight and was still losing when we found out we are pregnant. We are about 13 weeks and after reading your fit pregnancy page realized we had similar experiences. I am struggling with letting myself gain weight. How do you loosen up without feeling so guilty? I know I need to eat more and gain some weight but I just can't seem to not stress about it. I haven't weighed myself in awhile and I am scared to go to the doctor tomorrow and him weigh me!

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING!! I am so so happy and jealous of you! You could never bore me with your prego stories. Size of an that is awesome! You really look so cute. Enjoy your cookies, I am jealous. And you are too funny....say they are still swollen pretty please?

  5. Too cute!

    Wait til people start trying to touch your tummy! I became quite the expert at belly blocking!

    BTW, keep those pregnancy updates coming. Gotta love all the fruit comparisons.

  6. You're a cutie tell your co-worker to shove it! Thanks for throwing in the photo of the warm sun - I had nearly forgotten what it looked like - sigh!

  7. You look ADORABLE!!! I love your pregnancy updates! Keep them coming. Girl, I 33 weeks along, and I swear I looked 9 months pregnant when I was just 12 weeks. I loved it, though. I couldn't wait for the day when people would recognize my belly! And you do not look like you've gained a pound. Your belly is cute, though! Love every second of it, and know that people are genuinely commenting on your cute belly and not saying you are getting fat. :-)

  8. Completely unrelated comment that I should have emailed you, but this was easier ...
    My husband brought home a pomegranate tonight and didn't know what to do with it. I pulled up your post about how to properly (as opposed to the other post of alternate options) prepare a pom. Thanks for the dinner prep help tonight!!!!!