Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take your pick

Pre-workout eats: Kashi bar

Workout: Ran 5.00 miles; average pace, 9:40.


Run when it’s 37 degrees through a drizzly mist and slushy puddles OR when it’s 10 degrees with a clear path.

soup quebec-burger

Opt for soup and salad a restaurant and later indulge in dessert OR eat a burger and fries and opt for a piece of fruit later.

Cut your lunch break short so you can walk the mile (roundtrip) to the restaurant OR have more time to eat and drive to the eatery.

Sleep in and work out in the afternoon OR get up early, work out and get your nap on in the afternoon.

Run farther and go to work with craptastic hair OR go for a quick run and have nice hair.

So … can you guess my answers? Huh? Huh!

I choose to run when it’s warmer. Even if my socks were soaked and my tights splattered, it was so much easier to breathe in the 37-degree air this morning.

I choose soup and salad – a) because I love soup; and b) because I love dessert. Case in point: Lunch today. Cobb salad sans cheese and bacon, dip-fork dressing method and veggie soup – and a hot chocolate upon return to my desk.

After walking back to work, of course – so there’s my answer for that one.


Craptastic hair! (If you could see me now, I swear … LORD. HAVE. MERCY.)

What would you pick?


  1. Great questions!

    I'm really struggling with the first one. 37 and rain could be an adventure but I think I'd rather go with the clear path.

    Burger & fries because I love soup too, but I can make good soup at home; great fries not so much. Plus I can't think of too many desserts that are more satisfying than the burger & fries + fruit.

    Get up early and nap! I can't sleep in very long anyway.

    Run further.. don't tell my coworkers!

  2. Hah, just got my hair cut short so I can get to work with dry hair after my morning runs.

    I did a long run Sat in 30* & rain. I've got to say Sunday's run in 16*, sun, no wind was much better. It was hard to get out the door on Sunday, but much more enjoyable. Overall, I'm sick to death of winter!

  3. Great post! Those are indeed "inquiring minds want to know" type questions. No surprised by your answers. Didn't today feel awesome compared to the past few weeks - bring on drizzle or even rain . . . beats ice and snow and frozen boogers any day!!!!

  4. This is the best post ever and no joke I answered every single one the same as you...especially the craptastic hair ha! Those fries do look amazing but I would choose the soup/salad! GREAT RUN!!! I need more info on the little bun in the oven:) Have I told you that you are absolutely gorgeous....because you are!