Saturday, January 22, 2011

By the slice

Mark was super excited that I made him his very own supreme pizza.


(Our house is 60 degrees right now, and I am wearing two tank tops, a sweater and a vest.
Don’t tell me I don’t know how to layer!)

Sausage, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms and onions. His mouth was watering.

Little did he know that the sausage, well, came from a turkey. And the pepperoni – it came from a turkey, too. The ham … OK, it was from a pig but the cheese was low fat. My Krispy Kreme-and-strawberry milk-for-breakfast husband was eating somewhat good for him. And he didn’t even know it!

Of course, I crushed his ignorance-is-bliss pizza by accidentally burning the crust. A finishing touch we’ll call it, and I’m sticking to it.

Do you encourage your significant other to eat healthy or swap out items to make less-healthy family meals a bit more figure friendly?


  1. I do encourage Blake to eat healthy. It doesn't always work but it is what it is. He is on a quest to lose weight before our wedding now... so he is embracing it for the most part. Bundle up!!!

  2. I love your posts - your upbeat and happy personality shines through! I wish my husband ate healthfully - God knows I've tried, but he doesn't want to hear a single word that sounds like fat-free, reduced fat, or low calorie! We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary on 1-1-11 and so we'll keep working on and hopefully by our 30th anniversary we'll be on the same food page. Happy Saturday - hope your house gets warmer - that's terribly cold inside AND out (brrr!)

  3. Your post this morning reminded me that I has some pizza dough in the freezer. We've got a veggie pizza in the oven right now, with low-fat cheese too! My husband eats what I eat (aka ww recipes and healthy every thing) and he loves it...he'll just have a couple extra helpings now and then if it doesn't satisfy him :)

  4. When I got pregnant with Brielle I stopped drinking coffee for the first trimester. During the second tri I made the switch to decaff without even telling him. Muahahaha!

    I cook in our home, so he basically eats what I cook. I'm just lucky he's not that picky. Plus, he's into healthy living so he doesn't put too much of a fight.

  5. I try to get John to eat healthy, sometimes I get him to, other times he will look at what I am making and make something else. Or he will say, "you are not using taht weird Turkey sausage again, are you??" Ummm yeah...

  6. I do get my boyfriend to eat healthy. He's pretty good about it - as long as the dish tastes good, he doesn't care if the meat is 99% fat-free.