Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday ramblings

Pre-workout snack: Slice of multigrain bread with peanut butter and raspberry jam
Workout: Ran 5.51 miles; average pace, 9:07.

I ran this morning. By myself. Well, sort of. Denali ran with me but Mark did not. He proclaimed that he doesn't like to run in the cold. The air, it burns his lungs. I think he is a weenie.

The run, cold air, wasn't so bad. I was slow but who cares about that. Except for Denali. He nearly pulled me down a wood bridge covered in snow that connects the greenway. I was none too pleased.

I got my revenge, though. I made sure he didn't see the recently dead squirrel on the side of the road where we were running. Denali likes to put dead squirrels in his mouth. Don't ask.

I came home, took a lukewarm bath (thanks, Mark) and ate some off-tasting banana-walnut pancakes. I listened to the dog upstairs bark and bark and bark. It's a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and its bark is FIERCE.

I tried to distract myself by watching HGTV. I have a new found love for Bryan Baeumler, the tell-it-like-it-is host of "Disaster DIY" and "House of Bryan." I wish he would come to my apartment and fix the door and window that my landlord seems reluctant to remedy. After all, she says, it's an old house.

An old house in which you can hear everything. Like that big dog running across the floor because it's being chased by children. I turned up "Waitress" on the Blu-Ray player to try to drown out the noise. I can only do that because Mark is out Christmas shopping with his mom. He tries to be considerate but if no one else is considerate, I don't see the purpose in doing so.

And would it really hurt the kids to hear some good dialogue?

"Hiya there, Earl! We all just agreed that your hair is super attractive! Hooray for you!"

Yeah, hooray for you Earl. Now bring some peace, quiet and a slice of pie.


  1. Howdy -
    quick question to you - is this cold, wondered if you wear a scarf or anything to cover either your nose or mouth to help warm the air before it goes into your lungs?
    I'm with you - consideration is a 2 way street!

  2. Right now, I don't cover my face at all - just my ears. I did do that at some point last year and will consider it this year depending on the temps. I just warm up so quickly that I can't take have anything on my face.