Monday, December 20, 2010

Say it isn't so

Pre-workout eats: Golden Grahams with 1% milk and half a banana
Workout: 40 minutes yoga ("Body by Bethenny") and 15 minutes upper body with weights

It's Monday.

Need I say more?

Really, do I need to say more.

Do I need to tell you that winter running frustrates me so much that when I stopped to tie my shoe during yesterday's 4-miler that I cried? Full on tears, streaming down my frigid face. I think I scared Mark.

Do you want to know that I woke up at 5 a.m. STARVING and couldn't go back to sleep? I figured it would be better to drag at 3 p.m. than to toss and turn for an hour thinking about Golden Grahams.

What about that Groupon for a yoga studio is making me consider taking a running hiatus for a week, or at least cut back? The deal is for 10 straight days of yoga for $15. Considering it's about $12 a pop to go, that's an amazing deal.

Do you want to know that I'm using a previous Groupon buy to take Mark and I out to lunch, along with his sister? It's pizza. It's not healthy. Sort of like the past couple weeks.

Do you want to know that I've been a poor example for how to eat during the holidays? Yeah. I may need to go back to tracking to keep things in check.

Do you want to know that I love y'all for reading this far? Yeah. Cuz I do.

Who has good tips for beating the winter/Monday blahs?


  1. Well, for finding the silver lining in this particular Monday . . . it's a shortened work week - YEAH! Not enough? How about the forecast for the week is MUCH warmer than the last 2 weeks? Need one more push down towards sunny happiness? Friday it's suppose to snow several inches - that'll make a pretty white Christmas! Hope that helps.
    p.s. Saw the Groupon yoga - thought - YES!

  2. My boyfriend has been away on a business trip and I just didn't want to cook for one and clean everytime I cook something. It has been bad eating. Not proud of it, but I will do better.

  3. Book a trip to the Caribbean! That's all I've got. I only wish.

  4. Mondays are horrible. Think of Monday night. Think of humpday! Think of Christmas morning.

    If running is stressful then right now maybe you need a hiatus. Every girl needs a good cry every now and again. Keeps us healthy. :D

  5. Golden Grahams = The Devil

    Monday advice? I have been trying to bring a tea or coffee I really like to work that day. Maybe make Mondays Starbucks day?? :D