Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cold front

Pre-workout fuel: Peanut butter bread and coffee
Workout: Ran 5.7 miles in 50 minutes, 9 seconds; average pace, 8:47.

I have two words for you: Frost and advisory.

Last night, as if the world was ending, there was a whatever thing on the TV warning that there was a frost advisory. It might get cold. In the Midwest. Heaven help us!

Given the impending doom predicted by the meteorologists, I wasn't quite sure what to wear for my run this morning. I was COLD on Sunday when there hadn't been a frost advisory, so I opted for a long-sleeve shirt with thumb holes, my favorite fleece vest, capris and my fleece headband.

Don't be alarmed. It is possible to look that good in the morning.

Ignore the snarl. Denali was nothing less than vocal this morning. Apparently, his need to go to the bathroom was greater than mine. Or he really wanted to run. Or, he was still mad at me for thinking it would be funny to make him wear an old fleece as if it were a Snuggie.

After all, every male Siberian husky needs a pink Snuggie. Especially when you cave and turn on the heat during the first week of October.

All my preparations, though, were for naught. It was brisk but not cold and definitely not colder than Sunday. And I certainly didn't see any frost. I ended up taking off my headband after a couple miles and stuffing it in the pocket of my vest. The pockets zip, which is totally awesome for storing gloves and headbands and whatever sundries you might need on a run without fear of leaving something behind. You certainly don't want be the one responsible for the lone glove on the trail that perplexes other runners.

Speaking of perplexing ... this run. Yeah, it was perplexing. Pace didn't match perceived effort ... at all. I felt like I was flying and, well, the Garmin said otherwise. Boo Garmin! And while we're at it, boo cramps! I was plagued by the lovely reminder of womanhood for a good 1.5 miles. Completely awesome.

Almost as awesome as coming home to realize that I apparently lactate when I run despite the fact that I am not - nor have I ever been - pregnant. Take note, ladies. I think it will be the next big thing.

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