Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's up, shorty?

Pre-workout fuel: Half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat
Workout: Ran 4.28 miles in 35 minutes and 38 seconds; average pace, 9:00.

Parting. It's such sweet sorrow ...

Is that a double-take you just did? Don't worry - you're not crazy. My hair is missing. About 9 inches of it, to be exact. I'm hoping, though, that it will find itself on the head of a cancer patient who will be appreciative of my signature red locks.

This is the second time I've grown out my hair for donation. The first time was about four years ago and then again last week. I decided to do it the first time after my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. While we were extremely lucky - with her decision to undergo a mastectomy, she avoided chemo and radiation - I couldn't help but feel so helpless in the situation. I couldn't go to her surgery. I couldn't help her recover. I couldn't make things all better.

I could, however, make things better for someone else. It might mean petty but a good wig can do a lot for a cancer patient. And seeing as I'm always complimented on my hair, I figured I could grow it out and donate it. So I did.

This time around, I was a bit more selfish. I decided to give donation another go because I wanted a reason to grow my hair out and a reason not to cut it when I started to feel antsy. So I began to grow it out last summer and come this month, I had just enough to donate.

Hair appointment. Now. Please.

Call it coincidence or fate or irony but last week (Thursday to be exact), when I got my hair cut for donation, was the same week that my grandma received the go ahead to stop taking her post-cancer drugs. It had been five years, and she is still cancer free. A lucky girl, I am.

P.S. In case you were wondering, yes. Yes, I do like my hair. And no. No, I haven't figured out the best way to keep it out of my face when running. Friday, it was a headband. I tried a hat on Sunday. I bobby-pinned it this morning. All work but the bobby pins make for the cutest look :)


  1. It looks great. I'm so jealous you can grow your hair so quickly. I have naturally curly hair so it grows oddly - but it took me nearly 10 years to grow hair long enough to donate. Looks great!

  2. Is 9" the minimum they will take? I'm thinking of donating mine, but I've got a few inches to go. Plus, with curly hair it grows sloooooow.