Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toe the line

Pre-workout fuel: Slice of whole-wheat toast with apple butter
Workout: Ran 4.29 miles in 38 minutes, 19 seconds; average pace, 8:56.

When it comes to running, sometimes the most important things are not the things you do on the road. It's the things you do before the run.

Like wash your Nike Tempo shorts.

And eat right.

Drink enough water.

Charge your Garmin.

Cut your toenails.

Yeah, I said it. Cut your toenails. If you think I'm joking, you can ask my third toe, which has a nice little cut on the right side from the nail of the fourth toe digging in.

I kind of felt like something was up with my right foot today and tried to lift my toes as I was running because, yeah, that's comfortable and going to make it better. I just figured something was stuck in the wrong spot. When I got home and took off my sock, it wasn't something "in the wrong spot." It was a straight up injury (or something a bit less melodramatic).

I tended to my wound, stretched, drank some DECAF coffee and got to trimming before hopping in the shower. I probably should have spent more time this morning doing all of the above but I needed to give my hair time to dry as we're going to a reception and speech-y thing with Sean Astin. You know the actor from "Lord of The Rings," "Rudy" and only my favoritest movie ever, "The Goonies." Gotta look good for Mikey! Good thing he won't be able to see my toes :)

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  1. Funny you mention toe nails . . . I've never kept them so short in my whole life than since I started training for this half marathon. I wear toe socks and once the sharp corner (which I failed to trim once) poked out and after 6 miles ripped my toe sock. I feel your pain. What a fun day you have in store - enjoy!