Sunday, July 11, 2010

Runner, on parade

After running a crazy personal best 5K, what is a girl to do? Eat, of course.

But first, she has to walk in a parade.

(Check out Prints, our mascot. He looks a little sad hanging out on the float.
Maybe he should have ran that morning.)

My friend and I have a tradition when it comes to FWN 3RF. We walk alongside the company float and pass out whatever item the company bought too little of. (This year, it was can coozies.) We then head over to Art in the Park, check out the Chalk Walk and hit Food Alley.

Or should I say Junk Food Alley.

While the festival has loads of charm and tons of fun events, like a bed race down Main Street, the one thing everyone looks forward to is Junk Food Alley. Fried cheese, gyros, steak tips with sauteed mushrooms, lemon shake-ups, funnel cakes. Well, you get the picture. In years past, I have eaten fried cheese, steak tips, at least part of a gyro and maybe a dessert. In one day.

This year, though, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Not only did I not want to avoid calorie binging, I was afraid that too much greasy stuff would kill my tummy as I don't eat that much fried food. I knew I wanted at least a piece of fried cheese and a Sati Babi - Filipino-style marinated pork on a stick. Anything else would be a bonus and in limited portions.

The Sati Babi booth is at the entrance to Food Alley so my friend and I headed there first. He got two sticks, and I got one. I made sure to eat mine slowly as to savor every bite and not feel like I had less food than him. It was tasty. Uber tasty. We then headed to the fried cheese booth. There are five or six sticks per order so I asked to share an order with my pal. Once again, I took my time eating my two pieces of fried, cheesy goodness. Next up, my friend wanted steak tips. It's not an easy dish to split, and I didn't want a whole order to myself. So I opted for a piece of grilled corn - no butter. He ate steak, I nibbled on corn and we were both happy.

The only thing that would have made it better was stopping by the roasted almonds/nuts booth. These are my FAVORITE. However, I had had plenty to eat and the nuts are at every summer festival. I wanted to eat the items that I look forward to each year ... and I did. And, surprisingly, by eating them in limited quantities, I enjoyed each bite 10 times more than in years past.

How do you balance eating the foods you love and eating healthy?


  1. The Hubz and I went today and split the fried cheese and split a lemon shake. Same motto as you, get something as a treat but have it in MAJOR moderation.

    I would have gone for the nuts too but the hick up for me was the price. :P

  2. Those nuts are expensive, especially when you think about how much everything else costs. Apparently, there's a Special K variety (cinnamon pecan) that tastes similar.