Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Priced to sell

I went running today.

In that outfit. It's quite a one at that, don't you think? (Please ignore the incredible undereye circles - we were up at 11:30, 2:30, 4:30 and 5:30.)

First, I'm wearing short sleeves. It might not seem like such a noteworthy thing but we've battling atrocious temperatures and even worse humidity here lately. Sadly, it's only going to get worse (104 on Thursday). As a consolation prize, I think God gave me today - a perfect running day. It was mid-50s with a cool breeze and the air was lacking the oppressive humidity I've come to know and hate. It was just the day for short sleeves.

2. I'm wearing my black Asics bra underneath my white RnR NOLA shirt. Classy. Don't forget - today's the last day to enter my handful bra giveaway.

3. I'm wearing a new (to me) Nike skirt. I'm guessing it was intended to be a tennis skirt but I think it will do just fine as a running skirt. And if it doesn't, I could honestly care less - I picked it up for a $1.75 at Salvation Army. That's one dollar plus three quarters or seven quarters - an amount you could probably scrounge up in your couch cushions.

I was at the thrift store picking up brick-a-brack for Miles' first birthday party and decided to make the obligatory stroll through children's wear. You'd be surprised how much new with tags and brand name kids' stuff you can find (Gymboree, Children's Place, Garanimals). Hanging from a girls' rack was the skirt. I stopped, looked, held it up and decided it wasn't for a girl. I checked the seams and it appeared as if it had been barely worn. Score one for me!

Here are some other places for great discount workout gear:

Marshall's/TJ Maxx. I regularly find Nike Tempo shorts for $15 and capris for $20. My outfit for the Woman's Day shoot (capris plus Under Armour turtleneck) came from there, as did my sassy BODYPUMP outfit. Not all of it is name-name brand but it's worth a look.

6pm.com. I haven't bought anything from here - yet - but I regularly see great stuff for great prices. They have most major running brands (Nike, New Balance, Brooks) and most of it is at least 40 percent off. What's great, too, is they have plus sizes.

Running Warehouse. A lot of their stuff is discounted and it's even better when it's on liquidation. If Skinny Runner still has the code available, you get 10 percent off. (Try skinnyd.)

And don't forget the clearance racks. I've found major deals at the local running shop from $7 Mizuno tops to $11 Adidas shorts.

If you follow me on twitter, I posted that Dick's Sporting Goods has tempo shorts BOGO 50 percent off and all clearance an additional 25 percent off. Mark found a pair of Nike Tempo shorts for $12, which he delivered to my office along with a matching top and an iced latte.

Yes, ladies, I do believe I have the best husband in the world (either that or he's making up for no longer doing my laundry).

Where do you look for workout gear deals?


  1. Kohl's sometimes has great sales on their workout selection and I like the Danskin workout gear with wicking at Walmart. Other than that I'm always looking through the clearance racks!

  2. Mannnn score one for you on the good deals!! I check clerance racks and get a lot at marshalls. I want to pay $1.75 for a skirt though, so jealous! (Looks super cute by the way)

  3. Old Navy sometimes has some amazing deals. But thank you for other ideas, I am always searching for cheaper work out gear that will last!

  4. Costco often has good deals on name brand running stuff. I also find that Target brand works just fine too.

  5. Glad that I'm not the only one with a sleepless baby. So Tired.

    I love Ross for cheapo workout clothes. I've found awesome deals on Nike and New Balance stuff there.

  6. Sweet deal on the running skirt! I love a good bargain. I just found my Saucony Kinvaras on sale on Amazon.com for $40 off. They are an atrocious shade of lime green but I don't care.

  7. I buy almost all of my workout clothes from TJMaxx. I remember a few years ago when it was hard to find running shorts, but now they always have them!

    Another commentor talked about Wal-marts Danskin. I do like their shirts. I wore one for the Color Run and actually all of the paint washed out it!