Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Say cheese (+ you're a handful)

Lucky No. 13

Wouln't you know it - she's the winner of the handful bra giveaway. So who is she? Well, I believe she just rocked a redemption marathon, earning herself a medal and a shiny new PR.

Bobbi, email me your contact info (hlthystrides at gmail dot com) and I will pass it along to the handul folks. (And please forgive me for stealing your photo. You were looking fierce this weekend!)


I could feel the rumble in my stomach. I could feel the draw to the kitchen. I could feel the drool pooling in my mouth.

I was jonesing. For something but what - well, I wasn't so sure. I just knew that my seemingly well-rounded breakfast of egg whites, yogurt and carrot-zucchini muffin was not cutting it. I guess that's what happens when you take a leisurely 1.5-mile walk on a rest day.

I sauntered to the kitchen but before I could start pillaging the pantry, I noticed something suspicious.

The bananas - well, they were looking ripe. Real ripe. Perfect for me, rejected by most. I considered just slathering one with peanut butter and calling it a morning but I couldn't do it. Nope.

Recipe idea for overripe banana

As I stared at the bananas, I was reminded of a recent breakfast I made for Miles - mashed banana laced with peanut butter and slathered on a piece of bread. It was delicious - or so it seemed as he gobbled it up despite the inclusion of a fruit. If the snack was good enough for an 11-month-old, it was certainly good enough for me.

Right? Umm ... maybe.

I was settled on the idea but wanted to look for a way to make it a little less calorie dense and hopefully a little more satiating. Inspired by one of my fellow BODYPUMP trainees (who also happens to be a blogger), I decided to include cottage cheese. Tara puts cottage cheese in many, many of her recipes - probably because she has stock in a dairy farm. Or, because cottage cheese is a good source of protein. You pick.

What I came up with was delicious and filling, and I think it makes a great snack or light breakfast. It might even make a good meal for a picky toddler. Not that those exist.

Healthy snack idea

Do "The Mash" Thin

1 sandwich thin or two slices of wheat bread
1/2 very ripe banana
1/2 tablespoon peanut butter (or 1 tablespoon PB2 if you have some of that lurking around)
2 tablespoons low-fat cottage cheese
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, more or less to taste
Drizzle of honey

Toast the sandwich thin on bagel setting, if your appliance has one. While it's getting nice and golden, use a fork to mash together banana, peanut butter and cottage cheese. Add cinnamon, mixing to combine. Spread on toasted thin and drizzle with honey. Enjoy with cup of coffee and the sound of silence as the baby naps.

Note: If you don't like the texture of cottage cheese, mix together the ingredients in a mini food processor or use a substitute such as ricotta cheese or plain yogurt.

Nutrition: 215 calories, 6 grams fat, 37 grams carbohydrates and 10 grams protein


  1. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! Thank you!!! And you can steal my photos anytime :)

  2. (and so timely! I have bloody scabs on my girls from the race, despite liberal use of glide. cn't wait to try the handful!)

  3. That looks really good, but I'm scared of cottage cheese. What does it taste like? Kind of yogurts? More cheesy?

    1. It's creamy but not necessarily cheesy. I'd put it in the food processor the first go. My grandma always used cottage cheese + jam on an English muffin for a diet Danish. Danish it is not but whatev. Cottage cheese is good for baby, too, once she gets a couple months older. Oh, and if you don't like it - make lasagna. I always do 50-50 cc and ricotta to save $$.

  4. Yay Bobbi - congrats!

    Well, girl, I have loved LOTS of the recipes you've made, but um. . . .with all the love in my heart - you're on your own for this one. :)