Monday, June 25, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 2

I am training for the Columbus Marathon and following the "Train Like A Mother" finish it plan. These posts document my training. Word of warning: This post bares all.

The week, in numbers
Monday: BODYPUMP (at home)
Tuesday: 5 miles, easy
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 4-mile tempo run + BODYPUMP
Friday: 5 miles, easy
Saturday: BODYPUMP
Sunday: 9.97-mile long run (supposed to be 10 but underestimated distance after technical issue)

I had a pretty sweet deal going ... until my big mouth ruined it.

You see, since the beginning of time ... or since we had an in-unit washer and dryer, Mark has done the laundry as part of our "you clean, I cook" arrangement. I'd do a load here and there but my amazing husband has done 75 percent of the laundry for most of our marriage.

The other day, as I was sorting and putting away clothes, I noticed that one of my favorite dresses had been put through the wash. The strapless dress with a sweetheart neck and coral eyelet holds a special place in my heart as it was purchased in New Orleans during my girls/RnR NOLA getaway. It also happens to be hand-wash only.

I bet you can you guess what happened from here. Mark put it in the washer. I complained. He said something like "If you have a problem with how I do laundry, do it yourself."

Way to kick a girl to the basement, Mark.

I know, I know. Woe is me. It's not such a big deal except that I'm out of practice. I forget that I have to do it. And that's why I found myself in the conundrum I was in on Sunday for my long run: run in satin panties or go commando.

Yes, ladies and gents. I was out of clean underwear. More specifically, run-appropriate clean underwear.

I know many people go skivvie-less for a run as many shorts and skirts have built-in briefs but it's just not my thing. I feel naked and I can hear my butt cheeks slap together. Not cute. Not cute at all. The times I have dared to bare have been short runs, too - not the 10 miles I had on deck.

I am committed (or maybe I should be), though, so I put on my running skirt (the only bottom I had clean, to boot), lots of Body Glide and headed out. Despite my anxiety, it ended up being a very typical long run: company for half, Gu at mile 5, cursing when I realized that forgot to restart the MOTOACTV and accidentally flashing oncoming traffic as I tried to wipe sunscreen-laced sweat from my eye.

Wait. Last part not so typical.

Note to self: Buy some underwear, waterproof sunscreen and tops with built-in support so you're not tempted to go in just bra.

Tell me: Do you go commando?


  1. Oh I am with you, I could never go commando! I have special underwear for almost every occasion, I tend to like big comfortable underwear to exercise in :D

  2. no. not ever. it just feels...wrong.

  3. Funny that you posted this tonight...I'm not one to gawk at the gym but when did girls start going commando in jeans? It just seems ummm uncomfortable?

  4. Nope...never. I've gone in the silk undies before cause I forgot I needed my running cottons thrown in the wash.

  5. I stopped wearing undies under my workout clothes LONG ago. I find it so comfortable that I mostly just wear my workout clothes sans undies when I'm lounging around the house too (clean of course).

  6. I always go commando with workout clothes. So much more comfortable that way!

  7. Haven't tried that yet. My husband ran the Columbus marathon, his first, he said the course was/is his favorite. =) Good luck!