Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Training: Week 10

Spring Training posts document my training for the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon on March 30 and my "A" race, the Wisconsin Marathon half, on May 4.

The week, in training:

Monday: TurboFire Stretch 40 + 4 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles + Tabata
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 5 miles, intervals + Circuit class (womp, womp)
Friday: 3.55 miles
Saturday: BODYPUMP (taught)
Sunday: 11.2 miles, long

◊ ◊ ◊

Boy, do I have a treat for you! It's me, in video form!

I haven't done a vlog about my training in six weeks, and I thought I'd take this week to personally thank you for all of the kind comments on yesterday's post and chat with you about my epiphany of sorts.

If you don't have earbuds at work, hate the sound of my voice or are annoyed that I do close my eyes when speaking (how do I fix that?), here are the highlights:
  • Thank you for being awesome. Each and every comment yesterday made the situation that much better and helped me to feel more resolved and determined than ever.
  • Training is going well, and I fell like things are clicking.
  • My boys have been able to join me for portions of the past three long runs, and I think it's helping.
  • My epiphany: Don't focus on what you've done but what you are doing. It applies to probably, like, everything in life.
  • When in doubt, bring your attention to the very small things in the now: breath, form and lifting feet.

After all, you don't want to face-plant in someone's underwear.


  1. I was runnin on the trayadmilllll!


    Loved your vlog - you sound like you are in a really good place, which makes me happy. I often wonder if I'd be hard on myself if I'd been a runner pre-kids - if I'd compare what I was to what I am. I'm so glad you see how kick ass and strong you are NOW (and fast! yes you are!) because you rock.

    Starting a run with someone faster than I am leaves me dialed in to a pace I wouldn't normally attempt. And when I try to slow in later miles, I almost can't. Which, really, means we are faster than we think we are :)

    Less than 2 months!!

  2. Loved the vlog - it's always fun for me to hear what my interweb friends sound like :)

  3. FINALLY got to watch! you rock!

  4. I wish you would do more vlogs. Just sayin'. And by things on the side of the road, do you mean rubbers? I encounter them in parking lots quite frequently.