Friday, February 15, 2013

Five things for Friday

I hate Valentine's Day.

There, I said it.

While society might tell me that as a woman - and a woman in love, at that - I am alone in this sentiment, I'm fairly certain that I'm not. The hoopla and anticipation always seem to lead to disappointment when the guy takes you to the wrong restaurant or your kid gets sick in the middle of the movie, requiring pickup, or your dog gets hit by a car. The cards are always far too cheesy for my cynical self and I firmly believe that the money would be better spent on an impromptu Starbucks delivery than something I feel inclined to throw away. And as far as the chocolates? Talk about mixed messages. We want to look hot and yet our husbands give us the means to put 10 pounds on our hips.

It's stupid. The whole dern holiday. And so I sort of hid from the world yesterday and moped in my cereal when Mark said we couldn't get Menchie's for dinner.

But anyway, a few things for the day since I skipped out on Three Things Thursday.

1. A guy loves it when you get his heart racing so I thought I would give Mark what he wanted yesterday. Well, sort of. His heart was racing - just not in the way he was expecting. I have something coming up that required me to put together a circuit workout, and I asked Mark if he would test it out with me. There were three circuits and three sets in each circuit. The sets were progressive so if you did squats in set one, you did sumo squats in set two and squats with leg raise in set three. It was tough and I (might have) laughed when Mark texted me this morning that the soreness was setting in.

2. While I sort of hate Valentine's Day, I do like to treat myself. I got an iced coffee at Starbucks, picked up the new Chobani pear yogurt at Target (YUM!) and finally figured out how to use my Amazon gift card. And talk about a gift to myself. I selected two eight-pound Reebok hex dumbbells and "The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises." I am oddly excited about these though part of it plays into that thing that required the circuit workout. (More later, I promise. Clue: Part of Make Shit Happen: 2013.)

3. My Pinterest obsession has gone from food to hair - but not hair in food. I've been pinning braids, and I can't wait till my hair is uber long to do some of them. In the mean time, I'm thinking of doing a different braid a day for a week. You know, for funsies.

4. For the first time in nearly a week, I slept through the night in my own bed. I've been waking up with coughing fits, prompting a trip downstairs to the couch. It was easier to prop myself up, and I didn't think it wise to wake up Miles at 2 a.m. with my hacking. Thankfully, something broke and I did OK. I'm hoping the upswing continues as I have 10 miles on deck on Sunday.

5. Congrats to Sarah, who won the SeabuckWonders Giveaway. And don't forget about the Alexia giveaway. If you haven't guessed, I have a whole slew of things to lined up.

Because I love you.

Unlike Valentine's Day.


  1. I have a ton of braids pinned too but never remember to check them out when getting ready in the morning. I may have to rock one at my cousin's 21st bday dinner tonight!

  2. I hear you about V Day. Last year, I was kicked out of the gym by a group f "mean girls", then this year, I was rear-ended by someone on my way to the grocery store. There'd have to be a LOT of flowers and candy to make up for these crappy holidays.

  3. That is awesome you are sleeping better again! I hate coughing throughout the night! My husband and I have been going through that lately :(