Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things I've been eating + giveaway

I was feeling so proud of myself. I had reviewed two days of entries on MyFitnessPal, and I had noticed that it had been two days since I had eaten meat.

And I hadn't died. Shocking, I know.

Also shocking - I can be wrong but we'll get to that in a little bit but first, like any good eater, let's talk about breakfast.

 photo 408B91BD-91AD-4B91-81FF-AB401EAE34CC-5643-0000032264B04650_zpsc7fe66a7.jpg

I was fortunate enough to receive a gracious and generous box of goodies from a blend, and it included rye bread from Liz's favorite bakery. I'm a German girl, through and through, and I have been finding any chance I can to eat it. Breakfasts have been a (whole) egg with cheese on rye toast and served with some kind of produce. Tuesday it was an orange; this morning, grilled zucchini.

 photo 6483FB8D-A90F-42FD-BA21-CFFA6AF8C848-5643-0000032257B82031_zps8c2fc8fc.jpg

I'm making another go at a more substantial morning snack and, thanks to Bzz Agent, I'm trying out Kroger's yogurts - Greek, Greek Lite and CARBmaster. I prefer the Greek to Greek Lite but this particular morning I had the Lite pineapple mango with a bit of sliced banana and trail mix I found at Fresh Market. It was a great balance of protein plus carbs to hold me over to my lunch date.

 photo 953896A9-13E1-4E01-8856-E79403BE2C79-5643-000003225D4A733F_zpsc405075c-1_zpsd6fdf2ba.jpg

One thing: My lunch date got held up and I had to scrounge up a snack from a drawer. I'd like to say I picked the nuts but it was a handful of marshmallows and some raisins. However, I did not eat the lint roller. Win.

 photo FC305B4A-1F70-4AC2-B481-7C51FA6DE4FD-5643-0000032261AA5267_zps41b35132.jpg

Our big idea for the day was to find some Cajun- or Creole-inspired food to ring in Mardi Gras. We went to one of my favorite neighborhood places, and I got my even more favoritest salad - red beans and rice over lettuce with tomatoes and cheese - and gumbo. See, this is where I was wrong about the meat. Gumbo had chicken.

 photo 49DDFDDB-96F4-4197-8DD0-1DE8673E5790-5643-0000032252086372_zpse83ebada-1_zps6c6edf25.jpg

And putting the fat in Fat Tuesday was a packi from a neighborhood bakery. Apple, if you are interested. I ate half to only feel sort of fat.

 photo E3D02D1C-FE2A-49A4-A65E-E51942841523-5643-000003223EF9C96A_zpsbf055804-1_zps559608d5.jpg

I was feeling rather full and sick to be honest from the paczki that I didn't snack my way through the afternoon, saving room for dinner - blackened salmon po boys and Alexia Foods Multigrain Onion Rings.

 photo FF430316-10DB-4FAB-A10F-EFF20F88D65F-5643-000003224D8BBEE5_zps29e633ac-1_zps0e8609fa.jpg

The onion rings were courtesy of Alexia, and I was excited to try a more nutrient-dense version of a favorite indulgence. They were crunchy, hearty and tasty.

 photo 0A3F74DD-7ECF-44CF-8B41-D8922FBDE1E1-5643-0000032237288D98_zpsbbb58316.jpg

I had a post-dinner workout planned, and I grabbed a handful of candy. To power me through, of course.

The workout pretty much sucked - I blame the lingering illness. But the good news ... well, totally unrelated. Alexia Foods is offering one Healthy Strides reader a gourmet cooking prize-pack giveaway. The winner will receive an Alexia apron, Alexia kitchen timer and a coupon for a FREE Alexia Product 

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To enter, simply leave a comment telling me which Alexia Foods product you would select with the coupon.

 The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on Wednesday, Feb. 20. The winner will be selected at random and announced on the blog Thursday, Feb. 21. The winner will have 72 hours to claim her prize (by emailing hlthystrides at gmail dot com) or a new winner will be selected.


  1. I think the onion rings or the Sauteed reds. Yumm

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  9. I would want to try the onion rings! yumm!

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