Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weighing in: So long, sucka

Move that body: 2-point-something mile run and 20 minutes pilates

I said good bye to my friend, today.

I was not sad.

I was glad to see her go, actually.

After all, I spent what seems like 3 months trying to get rid of her.

I think I should celebrate … with some ice cream. Or, better yet, a pedicure. My feet are looking crazy now that I’m running more miles. Probably how I kicked that friend to the curb, anyway.

Blogger’s note: Be glad I’m not like other bloggers and thus too lazy to get off the couch and grab the camera to take a picture of my feet.

Weighing-in rundown

Weight loss this week: 0.8 pound

Pounds till WW goal: 1

Pounds till pre-baby weight: 11

Pounds till I can fit into my cords that are now required as it SNOWED today: ??

What’s working this week: Miles. More miles. I think the week’s total was 18.

What’s not working: I already told you – snacking. Carb-heavy snacking.

Goals for the week: Pick up some snacks that don’t involve carbs when I go to the grocery. You know, things like vegetables and salsa.

Viva la resistance

My goal is two resistance workouts a week and, well, I sort of accomplished that. I did an intermittent upper body workout. By intermittent I mean doing weights for about a minute at a time at which point Miles screamed forcing me to stop and pop that God send of a pacifier back in his mouth. This morning, I did do 20 minutes of pilates – 10 minutes focusing on the abs and 10 minutes on the butt.

How are you doing with your resistance training? Did it snow where you live?


  1. I did 3 strength sessions this week. One 30 day shred and 2 ab/total body workouts I found on the good ole OnDemand. Now as for running, I didn't really get that in. oops! I live in TN (actually the TN/GA border) so it definitely didn't snow. But we did get our first frost.

  2. 1 pound to you WW goal - woooo hooo!!! Great job!!! -.8 pounds this week - huzzah!!!

    Keep up the awesome work (nice job getting in the runs and the weights!!!).

  3. Keep up the great work on running down your extra lbs!! Here's to next week meeting your goal!!