Friday, November 11, 2011

Love it or hate it: Miles edition

This might make me a complete weirdo but I absolutely love taking Miles to the doctor. I love hearing about how much weight he has gained, how tall he is getting and finding out just how healthy he is. I think all of the information provides me with some validation as a mother.

Today, we went to see Dr. Kebler (whom I inevitably call Dr. Keebler at least once each visit) for Miles’ 4-month appointment.

Yep, that little guy is 4 months old.


I just love seeing how big he is getting! He was 12 pounds, 7 ounces today and has more than doubled his birth weight. He’s a very healthy guy, I was told.


Lungs especially. We were treated to “I am possessed by the devil” screaming and writhing that accompanies lying him down on the table and the shots.

But let's talk about Miles at 4 months.

He loves sitting up. Lying down and being cradled is for newborns and he is an infant.

He loves bath time. He's learning to kick his legs and splash in the whale tub. He hates getting out of the tub and the time it takes to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom and get some clothes on.

He loves being on his activity mat ... for about 5 minutes and then he hates it.

He loves it when Denali chases his tail and flops on the floor, it elicits the cutest little squeals and giggles. He hates it when Denali barks.

He loves putting his hand - yes, his whole hand - in his mouth. He also loves to drool. I'm pretty sure the two are related.

He still loves Mommy and her boobs even though he's a total champ with the bottle and practically holds it himself now.

He loves story time and reaching for the books. He hates that he can't quite manage to get the whole thing in his mouth (see above).

Sadly, he also loves TV ... womp, womp. Mommy hates that.

What are you loving ... and hating this fine Friday?


  1. Loved this! Miles is so cute!

    Leo is currently HATING going down for a nap but in a few minutes he'll be LOVING it. :)

  2. Ha ha! I could gave written this same post about Avery (except the dog part). She is even the same size as Miles.

  3. Cutest picture ever with the book! You look great! Seriously ;)

  4. I love that it's Friday, but hate that I have so much grading to do. blah!

  5. He's so cute! I like his red hair.

  6. Miles is possibly the cutest baby ever! Love the second picture of him and the bottom one of both of you guys (you look fantastic)!

  7. I love Miles - I hate that I don't get to see him nearly often enough :) My goodness he's so cute! Love the two of you and your red hair. You look T.I.N.Y. in that last photo - you look great, but don't forget to take care of yourself (your grandma was right :).

    I'm loving that I ran 11 miles today (in honor of 11/11/11 and all). I'm hating how sore I feel as a result of said run.

  8. He is adorable!!!! I love the red hair and hate nothing today :)