Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On track-ish

I don’t think I’ve been so nervous to get on a scale as I was today.

After getting reprimanded by my doctor for gaining too much weight and giving due diligence to my diet, I knew that the weigh-in at today’s bi-weekly appointment was a big one. And, if it didn’t go well, it could very well set me up to tail spin or fall into a mild tendency to over-restrict.

“It looks like you’ve been maintaining your weight quite well,” the doctor said this afternoon at my bi-weekly appointment.

Well, if you want to get specific, I gained one pound in the past two weeks and that weight was before they let me give my urine sample and after eating Chinese food for dinner last night.


So it seems the attention on my diet is paying off! Good thing, too, as I would have thrown a full-on tantrum in the office and thrown the scale at the doctor. And just to let you know, it’s an old-school scale and it would hurt. A lot.

What I’m doing

*Logging at MyFitnessPal.com.

*Eating between 1,800 and 2,000 calories a day.

*Skipping sugary desserts. Ice cream is no longer a daily post-dinner expectation but a bi-weekly treat. Also, my afternoon treat has been replaced by fruit.

*Eating more protein-based snacks. Think peanuts, cottage cheese, string cheese and yogurt. BTW, if you put a yogurt in the freezer, it gets kind of icy and feels mildly indulgent.

*Limiting carbs. No more sandwich thins at breakfast and much less pasta. I did pick up some low-carb multigrain tortillas to use for my lunches this week.

*Keeping positive. I’m not in tears anymore, and I’m basking in family compliments that I’m all belly. Also, I’m trying to view this work the way a runner views base-building. I’m getting in some good habits now so that when it comes time to take off the baby weight, I don’t have major things to fix.

What I’m really eating (today)

Breakfast No. 1: 3/4 cup Honey Bunches of Oats with 3/4 cup 1% milk and 1/2 cup blueberries

Breakfast No. 2: Scramble with 1 egg + 3 whites, MorningStar Farms “bacon” and 2% cheddar; and 1 cup strawberries.

Lunch: Veggie wrap from downtown restaurant, 1/3 cup pasta salad and mixed green salad

Snack: Apple

Other snacks packed: Light string cheese, light yogurt and 1 cup frozen cauliflower.  These may or may not get eaten.

Dinner (or so planned): Butterflied chicken breast with pesto, tomato and mozzarella served with low-sugar tomato sauce and Ronzoni SmartTaste penne and broccoli.

Dessert: Banana soft-serve

So there you have it. My points of getting back in good with the doc.

And, while I’m on the topic of pregnancy, runner26 asked about the merits of breast-feeding class. For me, I thought it was good because it saved my breast-feeding friends from nitty-gritty latching on talk and saved a nurse, who would only try to help, from getting punched.


  1. Good to hear the weigh-in went swell.

    Can you swap out the cereal for some oatmeal? If you can stomach some oats that would be a very healthy carb for you.

    Dr. Rust Belt Runner

  2. Great job!

    BTW, isn't myfitnesspal awesome?

    Random breastfeeding tip: eat your oatmeal! The lady at the hospital told us about how it helps with the supply and when I got home, my Mom had made a bowl big enough to last a week! It really has helped me though, it's my go-to late-night snack!

  3. Nice! Glad to hear everything has evened out, and you are feeling better about the weight part of things.

    Everything seems to be going so quickly!

  4. You will still want to punch a nurse.

    Good job with the weigh in. You a being super healthy which is great for your baby!

  5. i agree, there will be at least 1 nurse who you will want to punch. During my week long stay at the hospital there was one particular nurse and one nurse's aide who i could have punched, and you are much more violent than i am...

  6. Hi there, new reader here and newly pregnant, too! I came over via Watch MeGo Run, and I'm excited to continue following you as you run and become a momma.

  7. why did I never know about myfitnesspal.com before? Seriously, am I amish? What the heck!

    Great job on not having to kill the doctor! Way to please him, and keep things real for yourself!!!

  8. i love that your pregnancy eats are so healthy and balanced. i'm glad that you've found a diet that is working for you. i imagine those weigh ins are always a bit nerve racking.