Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Live and learn

Move that body: 2.67-mile walk with Denali

Lesson No. 1: It is not wise to try to wrangle your beast of a dog, water bottle, iPod and camera on a walk. It will not turn out well.


Lesson No. 2: Dropping a camera while it’s on may result in a zoom error that costs more than a new camera to fix.

Lesson No. 3: A touch screen camera like you’re used costs $50 more than the cuter blue camera with the same features (same brand).


Lesson No. 4: Electricity is awesome. Very awesome. As are the things electricity powers – air conditioning, stove, fridge, lights.

Lesson No. 5: When power goes on the fritz, you don’t always have to say “it’s an old house” and cringe as you call an electrician. Sometimes you should call the power company, which is struggling with overloaded circuits because it’s 97 million degrees.

Lesson No. 6: Drinking Diet Coke at 9 p.m. is not smart. It does not make you pee less or make your strange dreams nicer. Nope. It seems to only exploit those joys of pregnancy. Just ask my bladder … and Mark, whom I was physically removing from the house in last night’s scenarios.

Lesson No. 7: There are only two reasons to watch “The Voice.” First, to listen to him:


Nakia, you can serenade me anytime. I don’t care if I’m knocked up and so not your type. Have you heard that I bake the bestest cupcakes ever?

And to look at him:


Blake, you’re included. I don’t care if I’m knocked up and you just got married. Have you heard that I bake the bestest cupcakes ever? And I just got a new blue camera?


  1. Yay for a new camera!!! I mean, surely you'll need it for the arrival of your baby bean anyway, right? Who wants to use an old camera for that?!?!

    I haven't seen the voice... but thanks for the pic of Blake... he's a cutie and it helps that he has my husband's name. :)

    I hope you're finding ways to stay cool!

  2. I love your blog! Period! The end!!! Nothing more needs to be said!!! Your blog is awesome, you're awesome - it's simple!!

    Very funny post (though I'm super sorry to hear about the loss of electricity - how's that bikini and kiddie pool looking now? :) and I'm also VERY sorry about your camera!

    Always, new homeowner, the first call is to the utility company or service provider!!! Glad it wasn't a result of your "old house" but rather power grid overload - definitely cheaper that way!