Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hawt momma

Move that body: 20 minute weights workout and 30-minute run/walk on the treadmill

I’d like to think I haven’t played the pregnancy card that much when it comes to my workouts – at least in terms of fitting them in. I’m still going out 5, 6 days a week.

But today, when it was 75 degrees at 6 a.m. and the forecast looks like this:


I pulled the pregnancy card. No outdoor run for me. In fact, I think I might institute a 70-degree rule much like the 10-degree rule I had this winter. At least while I’m pregnant.

But, as I was up at 6 and I don’t work till 10, I figured I could … you know … do something.

The other day I was playing around on Hulu and saw that there are workouts available for viewing. I selected the “Self: Bikini Ready, Fast!” because I want to get in bikini shape. Very important at 35 weeks pregnant. Actually, I picked it because it used weights. There was LOTS of shoulder work and there was also some focus on biceps, triceps and back. Oh, and a million plies. I did 20 minutes of the 38-minute routine because my laptop got tired and needed a charge. Really, it did.

Not satisfied with 20 minutes, I opted to head down to the basement for a treadmill run. I started off slow but immediately felt some round ligament pain. I made a quick decision to make the workout more of a run-walk with set intervals than my normal runs outside when the walk intervals are shorter and far between. For the first 10 minutes, I did 2:2; the second 10 minutes, I did 3:2; and for the last 10 minutes, I did 4:2. I wasn’t sure whether to count it as a run but when I added it up, I ran 20 minutes and walked 10. Not too shabby and I felt more than sufficiently sweaty.

And if I needed any validation that I made the right decision, when I took out Denali post-treadmill in just shorts and a sports bra, hot with sweat, there was no relief. The air was hot and thick, and I felt like I walked into a sauna. What happened to the beautiful days of early summer?

How are you switching up workouts with the heat?


  1. First - welcome to 2:2, it's nice ain't it! :)
    Second, OHH sooo impressive that you're 35 weeks pregnant and did arm work and a run - sooo impressive!
    Third, I commented on Holly's blog yesterday whether or not I've been in a coma and missed the 60's and 70's - did we have more than 5 of those days????? Unbelievably HOT!!!

  2. I walked outside this morning at 4am (before work) and it was crazy muggy and hot. I was amazed!!

  3. I joined the gym where I work! The only way to beat the heat around here. I'm still going to have to deal with my long runs outside on Sundays.. but I'll get up early and sleep all day? That's an appropriate use of my weekend, right?

  4. I've been hitting the gym too! It's supposed to be 100 degrees here tomorrow in NYC and that just makes it gross. I might have to hit the pool tomorrow!