Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hear you, universe

Workout: 30 minutes strength, courtesy of OnDemand

Do you ever wonder what the universe is telling you? I swear this morning that it was telling me to stay home, skip yoga and eat pizza. I'm serious.

And this message after yesterday? UNIVERSE!

I woke up this morning, ate my breakfast, read blogs and mentally prepared myself for yoga. I was going to go. But first, I wanted to check the schedule to make sure our arctic temps didn't cause cancellations. I logged in and saw class was on. Phew!

Then ... then, I noticed something. I wasn't paid up. I couldn't take the class. You see, I thought I signed up for an automatic month-to-month membership. Not so much. Signed up for just a month and since last month, the cost has gone up 10 percent. Ouch. Let's just say I might not be a studio yogi anymore.

But I moved on. I did a heart-pumping OnDemand selection that focused on strength moves with bursts of cardio. I sweat. I felt my muscles. Life was good.

After taking a shower, I went in the kitchen to prep my lunch. One problem: My faux crab mysteriously disappeared from the fridge. How can I do a Cali wrap with no crab? Not gonna happen. But I moved on, scoured the fridge for possibilities and made myself a pizza quesadilla with a light tortilla, mozzarella cheese and turkey pepperoni with pizza sauce on the side for dipping. Yes, all of those things are in my fridge. And yes, it tasted good.

So let's check in ... today, I've managed to divert to crises AND I also received a Stylish Blogger nod from Amber.

Stylish Award rules:
*Link back to the awarder
*Share seven things about myself
*Award 5 great bloggers

1. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school and secretly loved having to wear a uniform and not having boys around.
2. I talk to my grandma every day. She's pretty awesome, and I like her. After all, she was nice enough to let me live with her from age 15 until I got a job and an apartment.
3. I have a sick obsession with Angry Birds.
4. I've always loved to bake and, pre-Healthy Strides, had dreams of opening up my own bakery. Sadly, my mind doesn't conjure up cupcakes the way it used to and it now thinks of running.
5. I hope to run a marathon in 2012.
6. I have the most horrible singing voice on the planet. If I auditioned for "American Idol," I'd be the one who made it to the judges just so I could be made fun of on live television.
7. I love "junk" candy - conversation hearts, Peeps, marshmallow santas. Last night, I asked Mark for a ring pop.

Awardees: Any 5 who want to do it and comment on this post letting me know :)


  1. I love ring pops! Good job doing a workout, even when the universe said to eat pizza!

  2. Okay so someones already awarded you. I don't care. You've won again. Two time winner baby!

  3. Could you ask the studio to honor the prices that you paid last month? Doesn't hurt to try. I vote you don't give it up so soon - you love the Thursday class and you seem to really love yoga (and I love reading about it - "L" has already taken up dvd yoga and I'm seriously on the verge of joining a crappy gym that offers yoga). Don't give it up, man!

  4. Go you!

    Maybe you should try some of the online yoga studios like

    I may do the free trial and see how it goes!