Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What have you done for me lately?

Pre-workout eats: Kashi bar and a banana

Workout: Ran 4.23 miles

I didn't grow up with the Ten Commandments.

ten commandments

I grew up with 11 commandments.


There’s the first 10, the ones we all know and follow (hopefully), and the 11th – Grandma is always right. But before you balk, my grandma is a wise lady. She warned me about shaving my legs too early and the stresses of dog ownership and told me not to drink my calories. Heck, this morning she told me that in a few short months the world will no longer revolve around me. Crazy, right?

One of her most sage pieces of wisdom came a few weeks ago: You should wake up in the morning and think not of yourself but what you can do for your spouse. Now, as a pregnant lady, I usually wake up and think, “Holy mackerel, I have to pee!”so I brushed it off.

However, I did do some nice things for Mark today:

*I brought in the garbage cans from the sidewalk and put them on the patio. By the way, I should get bonus points because I did this while brushing my teeth. Multi-tasking, people. Multi-tasking!

*I started a load of laundry like he asked, managed to put it in the dryer and remembered to pull out his favorite sweater (which I have deemed his favorite because I bought it for him) so it doesn’t shrink and suffer the same fate as one of his former favorite sweaters.

denali sweater

*I took Denali, sans sweater, on a 4-mile run where he was able to release some of his energy, eat yesterday’s snow and, in general, enjoy himself. Why is this good for Mark? It means he won’t eat the guitar for Guitar Hero while we're at work.

*I’m also making spaghetti with pesto, grilled chicken and broiled tomatoes for dinner (+asparagus for me). And by the way, I’m being nice and not sneaking in whole-wheat pasta. Oh, no. It’s Ronzoni Smart Taste for us (a high-fiber, calcium-filled noodle that tastes like white pasta).

What nice things do you do for your spouse?

Disclaimer: This post was partially inspired by Skinny Runner. She’s awesome.


  1. Your grandma is a smart lady! our dog is so precious!

  2. Wow, you did a lot for hubs while being preggers! Most women would have it be the other way around. I'm not married, but I still try to do nice things for my bf because he's constantly doing things for me.

    It varies depending on the day, but I always make his lunch for him every day :)


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of you and your grandma. You 2 are super cute!!! I enjoy reading posts where you mention her - they always make me smile. I'm super sick and slept on the couch last night - so when my husband woke up this morning (after snoring all night in bed) the first thing he grabbed was his blackberry and started reading his email. I yelled at him about not asking how I was feeling - RUDE. I should take some of your grandma's advice and work on being nice first thing in the morning. I'll try to do better tomorrow. I agree - skinny runner is a great blog! She is someone I would like to meet in "real life". Have a great day!

  4. @L - I would not be nice to Mark in that situation. He knows better than to be that way when I just wake up. SO, how are you feeling?

  5. I don't do enough nice things for my spouse, but he is always do awesome things for me. One of his favorites is leaving me cool notes.