Monday, January 24, 2011

Afternoon pick-me-up

Ladies, a moment of silence. Please. For the abs, at least.


Have you seen this commercial? Mark and I caught it last night when we were watching "The Inside Man" on cable. Cracked. Us. Up. I thought it looked like something in a mechanic's garage, and Mark was betting that he could make one of his own. (Don't let him full you - he's not that handy.)

The whole thing looks ridiculous and awkward, and I'm not sure who would buy it. Ever. Unless it came with an in-house demonstration, ahem, as well. Then I might consider it.

So, tell me ... would you consider The Rack - and under what circumstances?


  1. Old people call that a WALKER!

  2. If it came with those abs......HA! You are too funny! I loved your husband always wants burgers or pasta too!!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU:)