Monday, January 31, 2011

Food Week: Monday dinner

Something about a southern girl/ Make me feel right/ In a Mississippi morning/ She's an angel in flight/ In a blink of an eye/ She'll be out of your sight/ Something about a southern girl

I might live in northern Indiana and I might have been raised in Cincinnati but I was born in New Orleans and a part of me will always belong to the south.

Tonight, I decided to bring her out.

LEMON_SHRIMP_GRITS_24.tifObviously, this photo is not from my kitchen. I forgot the fresh parsley and lemon wedges. And, I was hungry and didn’t want to take the time to get the camera and take a picture. Forgive me.

Lemon-Garlic Shrimp and Grits – YEE-HAW!

Y’all, let me tell you these were good. Mark even liked this dish (it “grew” on him, he said).The garlic-lemon sauce with the shrimp was amazing and I loved the Parmesan in the grits. And this meal clocks in at 370 calories. Can I get another yee-haw? YEE-HAW!

The only thing that would have made it better would be a smidge more salt in the grits and a smidge lot more cayenne on the shrimp. This southern gal likes her food spicy!

Have you ever had grits? Do you like them?


  1. Hate grits - barf-o-rama . . . I think it's a texture thing, no, it's a flavor thing! Love the shrimp though - yum! Yee Haw!

  2. I've never had grits, though this makes me intrigued to try. Yummm to shrimp though

  3. Have we talked about this? Where in northern Indiana are you?

  4. I'm in the "grand" ole city of Fort Wayne.